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ProQuest One Academic: Videos

Whether it's teaching, learning or research, today's library users need barrier free access to a wide variety of research materials from a single access point, the ProQuest platform supports this need by incorporating scholarly journals, eBooks, dissertations, news and vido content across all disciplines in a unified and seamless user interface. 

The ProQuest One Academic video collection from Academic Video Online (AVON) provides unlimited remote access to more than 71,500 (and growing) videos all cross-searchable on the ProQuest Platform. The database includes scholarly video material of virtually every video type: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and newsreels, field recordings, commercials, demonstrations, original and raw footage including tens of thousands of exclusive tiles. There are thousands of award-winning films,  Academy®, Emmy®, and Peabody® winners along with the most frequently used films for classroom instruction, plus newly released films and previously unavailable archival material.  

Through the Basic Search page you were shown how a user can select a source type filter to narrow their search directly to a specific source type. Below we'll show you how the integrated search results page can be easily navigated when you have searched all the sources together (the default behavior from the Basic and Advanced Search page). With this example, we are going to focus on how you can quickly pull up videos when you have a diverse set of results and how you can work within the newly updated video player. 

video resultsEach record from the results page will have a source type icon. When you come across videos in your results page, you will see a thumbnail image of the video. 

Click the video icon, document title, video link, or the relevant sections link to open the full record and video player. Each record from the results page also has a Preview link which will display the major bibliographic fields beneath the record. 


Recommended videosYou may also see the Video recommendation feature from your results page. When you search across ProQuest One Academic, you may see suggestions to Videos that match your search or Books that match your search. This panel will appear to the right-side of the results and will only appear if you have submitted a search that includes the Books and Audio & Video source types. If you used the filters to limit yourself to certain source types such as Scholarly Journals or Newspapers, then these suggestions will not appear.

Whe you click on a suggested item from Videos that match your search, or directly from the list of integrated results, you will be taken to the document view and from there you can view the video. 



source type filter pointing to audio and videoAnother way to locate Videos is to use the Source type menu from the Narrow Results by/Filter menu on the left-hand side of the results page. Under the Source type menu, you can select Audio & Video Works from the list of available source types or click the More link to display other source types that are part of your current set of results. 

After making your source type selection, the results page will now display the chosen source type. If you would like to view more than one source at a time, click the More link and then select to Include or Exclude source types. Remember that eBooks will have the book jacket visible on the record. 

Selecting an video record takes you to the unique Document View for the video. The updated view and video player are integrated into ProQuest and mirrors the experience that you have from AVON on the Alexander Street Video platform without having to leave ProQuest. Please note that currently we do not support the Clips and Playlist feature in ProQuest, but this will be added at a later date. Video records can be added to your My Research account within ProQuest. For the Clips and Playlist feature, please view the video in the AVON Alexander Street Video platform. 

The unique AVON Video features include the following:

1. Transcript:  View the transcript. While the video plays, the corresponding sections of the transcript are highlighted. You can also search the transcript for your relevant keywords/topics. 

2. Embed:  you can find in this section the permanent link of the video and the code to be embedded in your LMS or other website.

3. Video Player: The video plays inside the Document View (alongside the traditional document features such as the Abstract, Document Details, and Related items list).  The video controller includes Play/Pause, Mute, Volume control, Closed-Captioning (On-screen transcript), Quality level adjustments, and Full screen mode

4. Like other traditional documents in ProQuest, you can Cite, Email, Print, and in the All Options section you will be able to Save the video in your cloud accounts. or you can select the record to add to your Selected items list and move a copy to your My Research account and Export to RefWorks. You'll also find other recommended videos from the Related items list.