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ProQuest Congressional

Creating Your Own Bookmark

bookmark this formTo the right of all search forms in ProQuest Congressional is the link "bookmark this form" and on the Home or Basic search screen it reads "Bookmark this search" and is directly below the search box.

To bookmark a search on the Advanced form:

1. select the items (document types, pull downs, dates) for the search you want to create. You can enter search terms and limiters to craft a custom search as well.

2. click on the link indicated by the arrow in he image above.

3. Now simply go to the URL box in your browser and copy the new address that has been formulated for you.

Note:  The URL is quite lengthy so you may want to use one of the publicly available tools to create a shorter URL.

Examples of bookmarks: 

  • Using the Demographics form to search for the Congressional Delegation from your state
  • Using the Reports & document, or the Serial Set, to search for Civil War materials
  • Using the Advanced Search form to create a link for Hearings in a specific time period.

For saved searches (searches for a specific term) use the box on the page "Creating a Saved Search."

Creating a Saved Search

using the file folder icon

To bookmark or save a search that you have done, do the following:

  1. Click on the folder icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Recent Searches".
  2. Select the search you wan
  3. Click on Get link
  4. Copy the URL in the box for later use.

research searches - get link

Links can be used in IM's, guides, emails, etc. 

How do I find my ProQuest Account ID?

Your ProQuest Account ID has many different uses. A quick and easy way to find your account ID is to simply search Proquest Congressional. Any item with a permalink (which is every record in the database!) shows the your account ID.

The search here was for gross domestic product.  From the results list, click on the Permalink, and look at the URL. Your Account ID should be at the end of the character string.

Bookmarks for documents on the Advanced Search Form -- UPDATED 8/30/2019

The URL for Congressional is

Contents of this box were updated on 8/30/2019  to reflect the new user interface.  Most links did not change, but the link that did change was to Bills Only.  Several other links changed names, but the content linked to did not change, unless noted.

To create more specific links, use the instructions to the left of this box to create your bookmark. 

Bookmarks for specific search forms

If your library needs to use their account number as part of the URL (because of a shared IP situation), please use the second URL in each case, substituting your account number for the highlighted Xs.   If you don’t remember your account ID, see the box, left, in this guide for information on how to easily find it. 


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