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ProQuest Congressional

What is Being Searched?

The current ProQuest Congressional (introduced 9/2012) interface works somewhat differently than the previous version.  This table shows you what is being searched from the Basic Search, from the Advanced Search, and whether this is different than the old version. The Basic Search from the Home Screen "cross-searches" all the digital modules and web subscriptions that your institution owns or subscribes to according to the chart below. So, all content is simultaneously searched without requiring user selection, and future add-on modules selected by your institution continue to be searched simultaneously from the same search link.

Note:  what is available in your search results depends on your institutional subscriptions.  See box (bottom of page) for assistance in looking up institutional subscriptions and purchases.

Document Type Is it searched using the Basic Search or Home screen? Is it searched in an Advanced Search using "All Fields Including Full Text"** Is this a change from the old (pre-2012) interface?
Hearings transcripts (full-text html, selected, from 1988-present) no yes yes
Hearings metadata yes yes no
Hearings PDFs (full text digital replicas) yes yes yes
Bill Text yes yes yes
Bill Tracking yes yes yes
Statutes at Large* PDFs (full text digital replicas) yes yes yes
Public Laws yes yes yes
US Code yes yes yes
Daily Congressional Record yes yes yes
Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection metadata yes yes no
Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection PDFs (full text digital replicas) yes yes yes
Committee Prints & Misc Pubs metadata yes yes no
Committee Prints & Misc Pubs PDFs yes yes yes
CRS Reports metadata yes yes no
CRS Reports PDFs yes yes yes
Reports and Documents transcripts (full-text html, 1990-present) no yes no
Serial Set (incl. House and Senate Reports and Documents) metadata yes yes no
Serial Set (incl. House and Senate Reports and Documents) PDFs yes yes yes
Legislative History compilation/metadata yes yes no
Legislative History linked documents (PDFs) no no no


Items listed in Red are available in the Congressional Basic subscription.

* Optional add-on module for Congressional Basic customers.

** The default search for the Advanced search screen is "All Fields Except Full Text," so be sure to manually select "All Fields Including Full Text" from the pull-down menu to search all these additional document types listed if desired.


Your Institution's holdings

To see your institutions holdings, click on the link for the Content Coverage Chart on the bottom of each page, in the center under "About This Database". 

This chart reflects what your institution has subscribed to or purchased. 


To see a complete chart (not customized) look in the Help content (link in the upper right corner (not shown here) for a list of all content possible.