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ProQuest Learning: Literature: About

ProQuest Learning: Literature brings together thousands of full-text literary works, literary criticism, author biographies, text guides, multi-media, and study pages for a complete look at essential literary studies in secondary schools.

Special Search Features

Easily search and find information about authors, criticism, reference, multi-media, and full-text literary works.  Selected search options include:

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  • Literary Periods
  • Literary Movements
  • Literary Genres
  • Shakespeare

Authors -- search by

  • Name
  • Years Living
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Literary Movement
  • Literary Period

Criticism -- search by

  • Selected source
  • Words in Text
  • Article Title
  • Article Author
  • Month / Year

Reference -- search by

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Multimedia -- search by

  • Images
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  • Weblinks

Literary Works

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  • Novels and Short Stories
  • Plays
  • Poems


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What is ProQuest Learning: Literature?


A new way to experience literature

ProQuest Learning: Literature delivers more than 180,000 searchable works of literature from medieval times to the present. Students can find author biographies, contemporary criticism, reviews, and multimedia resources organized into more than 3,000 Author Pages.

ProQuest Learning: Literature also features 100+ searchable full-text literary journals and magazines for the latest in literary criticism.



Product Features & Benefits


100% full-text | 180,000 searchable works of poetry, prose, and drama | 110+ Literary review and criticism sources | 3,500 author biographies | Multi-media images, audio, video, websites | Dedicated author landing pages | 20 Reference book sources | 950+ Recorded poems read by poets | 220+ KnowledgeNote™ Study Guides literary text guides | Cambridge University Press essays on 37 noted American authors and works | Study Pages with selected criticism, multi-media, and reference for genres, literary periods, literary movements, and Shakespeare | Durable URLs | Citation generator