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An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.


Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Abstract  AB AB(child welfare worker)

The abstract provided by the journal is reproduced with little or no modifications. If no abstract is provided, one is created by the editorial team.  Abstracts are available from 1987.
Accession Number AN AN(356894)

Search the unique database ID for articles and documents.
Author AU AU(Mossberg Walt)     

Finds documents written by a particular author. Use the Look Up list to verify the various formats of the same name. 
First author FAU FAU(Hearn)   

Searches for the first author listed on a document.
Classification CC CC(Attention)             

Classifications define psychology topics. They are a fast way to precisely target a search by known topic.
Conference CF CF(Clinical)      

Searches the conference title field.
Contact individual CX CX(Smith)      

Searches the appropriate contact for the document.
Digital Object Identifiers DOI CA(Merck)      

Searches for a corporate author.
Dissertation Number DISPUB DISPUB(AAI28078447)     

Searches for a dissertation by number.
Document Title TI TI(BRIC)    

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.
Document Type DType DType(Journal)   

Finds specific document types such as article, journal, book, etc.
Email address EA EA(   

Searches the author email address
International Standard Book Number ISBN ISBN(9780549687191)      

Looks for the 12 and 13 digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
International Standard Serials Number ISSN ISSN(00014788)     

Looks for the eight digit International Standard Serials Number (ISSN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
Language  LA LA(Spanish)       

Original language of the document. 
Last revision date LR LR(20190520)       

Searches for the last revision. Format is YYYYMMDD 
Location  LOC LOC(Austin)     

Specific geographic area or location.
Major subjects MJSUB MJSUB("kindergarten students")     

Searches major subject headings
Methodology ME ME("field study")     

Searches the methodology of the study or experiment
Monograph titles MTI MTI(diversity)     

Searches the monograph title field.
Notes NT NT(inclusion)     

Searches important date and additional information fields
Other journal title OJ OJ(Psychology))     

Looks for other publication titles
Population POP POP(Outpatient)     

Searches a specific population covered in the document
Publication Title PUB PUB(brain & development)     

Specific publication or publications.
Publication year YR YR(2019)     

Specific publication year
Publisher PB PB(American Psychological Association)     

Searches for a specific publisher
Record type RTYPE RTYPE(Conference proceedings)     

Searches for a specific type of record/document
References REF REF(Barnett-Hart, Anna Katherine)       

Looks for the data in a cited reference. It will search all of the main components of a cited reference (cited author, cited document title, cited publication date, and cited publication title). 
Series title SR SR(sociology)     

Searches the series title
Subject SU SU(Race)  

Look for articles about a specific subject. To run an exact subject search where only “race” is retrieved and not subject terms that contain additional terms, search using EXACT.       

Supplemental data SD SD(Data sets)     

Searches for supplemental data included by data type
Table of contents TOC TOC(mental health)     

Searches the table of contents field
Target audience TA TA(general public)     

Searches the target audience for the work. 
Tests and measures TM TM(Symptom inventory)     

Searches for specific tests used in the document