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ProQuest Webinars & Screencasts



- Healthcare Public Webinars 2022 Quarter 2 -

A set of 3 new webinars covering diverse topics in Healthcare, presented publicly in 2022 Q2

The Healthcare content collection on ProQuest allows for extensive literature research for Nursing and Midwifery. We will introduce the content collection, sample applications supporting the Nursing curriculum and some special strtegies to retrieve Evicende Based Studies.

Several Social Sciences and healthcare sources on ProQuest help cover research on diversity issues, such as the topic here: if and how the welfare system in a given country generates inequality issues for the young patients who deal with gender identity.

Recordings of previous programs

Supporting the professional development for Faculty and Librarians

Evidence Based Medicine - Deep dive into Health and Medical information on ProQuest.

In the spring 2021 we hosted a series of webinars focused on the search functionality for health and medical teaching, learning and research through ProQuest. We started at introductory level suitable for non-expert users, students, under and post-graduate and we progressed to advanced level for expert users, librarians and government researchers.
If you are entirely new to the ProQuest platform, and would like a short overview of full platform functionality before joining the sessions below, we recommend you watch some of our short e-learning modules available on the ProQuest Platform LibGuide

Please click on the title of the webinar to go to the recording.

Webinars Series for Faculty - (click on the titles below to view the recordings)

Supporting Online Learning

A 30 minute overview for teaching Academics that will familiarize you with ProQuest's top tips for utilizing online resources in a blended learning environment. Pulling out the top ways to embed and link content via the ProQuest Platform, Ebook Central and Alexander Street, this session will showcase how to enhance the methodology of your teaching and course materials; integrate a variety of content into your Learning Management Systems and increase the availability of topical readings for your courses.

ProQuest Ebook Central: Tips & Tricks for Faculty 

During this new and often unfamiliar teaching and learning environment, students and their instructors need to rely on as much electronic content they can access.  While the physical library may be unavailable, books are not.  ProQuest’s Ebook Central ebook titles can be used as course reserves, made into supplemental reading lists (and shared easily with students), highlighted and annotated for focused reading and reviewing.  After this 30-minute session, faculty members will have the knowledge to locate titles applicable to their courses, create lists of books and recommend them to students, and discover Ebook Central tools that assist with research. 

ProQuest Academic Platform: Tips & Tricks for Faculty

While institutions are operating remotely, faculty are finding themselves faced with new and unfamiliar tasks, such as integrating resources into Learning Management Systems or institutional websites, holding lectures and discussions virtually, and providing research support to students who are navigating this new virtual environment. This 30-minute webinar will highlight the tools in the ProQuest Academic Platform ( that simplify these tasks. Attendees will walk away able to find their institution's ProQuest databases, direct students to tools that help them navigate the research process, and share and embed resources.

Alexander Street Video: Tips & Tricks for Faculty 

Are you looking for ways to engage students in the online instruction environment?   Maybe a video you’ve traditionally shown as part of your coursework is now inaccessible since campus and the library is unavailable.  Alexander Street Video provides options for working in a new online teaching environment using video.  From simply watching, to searching transcripts for the exact content you need, to embedding video in a Learning Management System, this 30-minute session will examine how video can be used to support teaching and learning, student success, and stress relief through entertainment and education. 

Alexander Street Multimedia: Tips & Tricks for Faculty

In this new virtual learning environment, faculty are being asked to incorporate a variety of multimedia resources into their courses to engage students from a distance. This 30-minute webinar will highlight the tools in the Alexander Street multimedia platform, ( that simplifies this task. Attendees will walk away able to find their institution's Alexander Street collections, create audio and video clips, build customized playlists complete with external links, and share and embed these resources.

Tips for Teaching series - Webinar recordings

Provides information on locating SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analyses in business research. Duration: 4 minutes.

This short video demonstrates tips for finding primary texts, criticism, and reference materials from and about underrepresented voices in LION. 

Duration:  8 minutes.

This recorded session provides a quick tip on selecting and combining databases to create a targeted search. Duration: 5 Minutes.

This recorded session provides instruction on how to create lists and bibliographies on the go from within the ProQuest platform.

Duration: 5 Minutes 

Teaching tips to maximize use of SIRS Issues Researcher's Leading Issues and eLibrary's Research Topics. Duration: 8 Minutes.

Designed to help librarians or faculty who are assisting students who need an idea for an assignment. Duration:  5 minutes.

This recorded session helps students and faculty locate and use Topic Overviews for History assignments. Duration:  5 minutes