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Dialog Solutions: Databases Information

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Database Shortcuts for the FDB command

Database Name / Prosheet

Database Shortcut

Database ID

 ABI/Inform Professional Advanced



 ABI/Inform Professional Market Research



 ABI/Inform Professional Standard



 Abstracts in New Technology & Engineering



 Adis Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes News



 AdisInsight: Drugs



 AdisInsight: Safety Reports



 AdisInsight: Trials



 Aerospace Database









 Algology Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts



 Allied & Complementary Medicine



 Aluminium Industry Abstracts



 Analytical Abstracts



 Animal Behavior Abstracts






 Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)



 Argentina Patents Fulltext



 Australian Education Index



 Australia Patents Fulltext



 Austria Patents Fulltext



 Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B)



 Belgium Patents Fulltext



 Biochemistry Abstracts 1



 Biochemistry Abstracts 3



 BIOSIS Previews



 BIOSIS Toxicology



 Biotechnology Research Abstracts



 Brazil Patents Fulltext



 British Library Inside Conferences



 British Nursing Index



 Business & Industry






 Calcium & Calcified Tissue Abstracts



 Canada Patents Fulltext



 Ceramic Abstracts



 Chemical Business Newsbase



 Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Abstracts



 Chemical Safety Newsbase



 Chemoreception Abstracts



 China Patents Fulltext



 Civil Engineering Abstracts



 Computer and Information Systems Abstracts



 Copper Technical Reference Library



 Corrosion Abstracts



 COS Conference Papers Index



 Current Contents Search



 Denmark Patents Fulltext



 Derwent Chemistry Resource



 Derwent Drug File



 Derwent Drug Registry



 Derwent Patents Citation Index



 Derwent World Patents Index






 DIOGENES FDA Regulatory Updates



 Drug Information Fulltext



 Earthquake Engineering Abstracts



 Ecology Abstracts



 Ei Compendex



 Ei EnCompassLIT



 Electronics and Communications Abstracts









 Endocrinology Abstracts



 Energy Science & Technology



 Engineered Materials Abstracts



 Entomology Abstracts



 Environment Abstracts



 Environmental Engineering Abstracts



 Environmental Impact Statements: Digests






 ESPICOM Pharmaceutical & Medical Device News



 Eurasia Patents Fulltext



 European Patents Fulltext






 Finland Patents Fulltext



 FLUIDEX (Fluid Engineering Abstracts)



 FSTA® (Food Science & Technology Abstracts)



 Foodline: MARKET



 Foodline: PRODUCT



 Foodline: SCIENCE



 France Patents Fulltext



 Gale Group Computer Database™



 Gale Group Health Periodicals Database



 Gale Group New Product Announcements/Plus



 Gale Group Newsletter Database



 Gale Group PharmaBiomed Business Journals



 Gale Group PROMT



 Gale Group Trade & Industry Database



 Genetics Abstracts









 Germany Patents Fulltext



 Global Health



 Global Patents Bibliographic



 Great Britain Patents Fulltext



 Health & Safety Science Abstracts



 HSELINE: Health and Safety



 Human Genome Abstracts



 ICONDA - International Construction Database



 IFI CLAIMS® US Patents and Legal Status‎



 Immunology Abstracts



 IMS Company Profiles



 IMS New Product Focus



 IMS Patent Focus



 IMS Pharma Trademarks



 IMS R&D Focus



 IMS R&D Focus Drug News



 Incidence & Prevalence Database



 India Patents Fulltext



 Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts (A)



 INPADOC / Family and Legal Status






 International Pharmaceutical Abstracts



 Ireland Patents Fulltext



 Italy Patents Fulltext



 Jane's Defense & Aerospace News



 Japan Patents Fulltext



 JAPIO - Patent Abstracts of Japan



 King's Fund



 Korea Patents Fulltext



 KOSMET: Cosmetic Science



 The Lancet






 Luxembourg Patents Fulltext



 Material Safety Datasheets -OHS™‎



 Materials Business File



 Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts









 Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts



 Mexico Patents Fulltext



 Monaco Patents Fulltext



 New England Journal of Medicine



 Netherlands Patents Fulltext



 Neurosciences Abstracts



 Norway Patents Fulltext



 NTIS: National Technical Information Service



 Nucleic Acids Abstracts



 Oceanic Abstracts



 Oncogenes and Growth Factors Abstracts



 PAIS International









 Plant Science



 Pollution Abstracts



 Portugal Patents Fulltext



 TULSA (Petroleum Abstracts)






 ProQuest Advanced Tech & Aerospace Professional



 ProQuest Biological & Health Science Professional



 ProQuest Dissertations and Theses



 ProQuest Environmental Science Professional



 ProQuest Materials Research Professional



 ProQuest Newsstand Professional



 ProQuest Technology Research Professional



 Prous Science Daily Essentials



 Prous Science Drug Data Report



 Prous Science Drugs of the Future






 Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances



 Risk Abstracts



 Russia Patents Fulltext



 SciSearch: a Cited Reference Science Database



 Social SciSearch



 Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts



 Spain Patents Full Text



 Sustainability Science Abstracts



 Sweden Patents Fulltext



 Switzerland Patents Fulltext



 Thomson Reuters Embargoed Research Collection®






 Toxicology Abstracts






 Transport Research International Documentation



 UBM Computer Full Text



 United States Patents Fulltext



 Virology and AIDS Abstracts



 Water Resources Abstracts






 WIPO PCT Patents Fulltext



 Zoological Record Plus




Database Prosheets

The ProQuest Dialog ProSheets contain detailed information on the special features of each database, including database description, subject coverage, date range, update frequency, data sources, origin, search techniques and more. The ProSheets also provide sample records showing what you can expect when performing a search in the database.

In the table on the left each Database name links to the related ProSheet.

How to use the FDB command

Using the FDB command

The FDB ("From DataBase") command can help you quickly target part or all of your query to one or more databases, without going to the Select Databases page. The FDB command does not reset your database selections for the session, it applies to just the current search query.

Search by Database shortcut or Database ID

  • Search with the database shortcut: economic AND FDB(EMBASE)
  • Search with the database ID: economic AND FDB(10000134)

The FDB command only works in association with one or more search terms or set numbers. For example, DIABETES AND FDB(10000134) is a valid search, but FDB(10000134) by itself is not.

Retrieve the Database Shortcut or Id for use with the FDB command in the Table on the left.

Excel Output Changes - February 2018

Excel Output changes – Drug Pipeline Databases

Changes implemented to improve the export from AdisInsight: Drugs and IMS R&D Focus – specifically. Changes may be noticeable elsewhere too

         Existing column names changed

  • Drug Company              Company information (see also New columns, below)
  • molecularFormula         Molecular Formula
  • mechanism                    Mechanism Of Action
  • route                              Route Of Administration
  • highestPhase                 Phase Of Development (Highest)
  • devPhases                     Phase Of Development (see also New columns, below)

        New columns introduced

  • Subfields of Company Information
    • Company Information – Name
    • Company information – Type
    • Company information – Role (now includes also Licensee and Originator)
    • Company information – Country/Region
  • Subfields of Phase Of Development
    • Phase Of Development - Phase
    • Phase Of Development - Country/Region
    • Phase Of Development - Indication
    • Phase Of Development - Route Of Administration
    • Phase Of Development - Formulation
    • Phase Of Development - On Fast Track
    • Phase Of Development - Qualifiers And Comments
  • Other new columns
    • Substance
    • Generic Name
    • Synonym
    • Molecular formula
    • Therapeutic Class
    • Indication
    • Drug Status
  • One-to-Many
  • AdisInsight: Drugs and IMS R&D Focus ONLY now support 'One-to-Many' functionality
    • Company Information
    • Phase of Development
    • References (Adis only)
  • These fields contain multiple values per record that were previously hidden in Excel
  • Implementation of One-to-Many allows EACH value to be displayed on individual rows and columns to enable filtering and sorting.

More information on Database Bundles

In the boxes below you'll find more information on which databases are included in the following bundles:

Global Patents /LNU (Full Text and Bibliographic)

Includes the Full Text of the following Authorities :

  1. Argentina Patents Fulltext
  2. Australia Patents Fulltext 
  3. Austria Patents Fulltext    
  4. Belgium Patents Fulltext  
  5. Brazil Patents Fulltext
  6. Canada Patents Fulltext
  7. China Patents Fulltext
  8. Denmark Patents Fulltext
  9. Eurasia Patents Fulltext
  10. European Patents Fulltext
  11. Finland Patents Fulltext
  12. France Patents Fulltext
  13. Germany Patents Fulltext
    • German Democratic Republic
    • Federal Republic of Germany
  14. Great Britain Patents Fulltext
  15. India Patents Fulltext™
  16. Ireland Patents Fulltext
  17. Italy Patents Fulltext
  18. Japan Patents Fulltext (see separate ProSheet)
  19. Korea Patents Fulltext
  20. Luxembourg Patents Fulltext
  21. Mexico Patents Fulltext
  22. Monaco Patents Fulltext
  23. Netherlands Patents Fulltext
  24. Norway Patents Fulltext
  25. Portugal Patent Fulltext
  26. Russia Patents Fulltext
    • Russian Federation
    • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  27. Spain Patents Fulltext
  28. Sweden Patents Fulltext
  29. Switzerland Patents Fulltext
  30. United States Patents Fulltext (see separate ProSheet)
  31. WIPO PCT Patents Fulltext

Additional 65 authorities are covered with bibliographic information (see the Prosheet for more details on country and time coverage)

ProQuest (formerly CSA) Scientific Collections

ProQuest Advanced Tech & Aerospace Professional

Includes Databases (Prosheet)

  • Aerospace Database
  • Computer & Information Systems Abstracts
  • Electronics & Communications Abstracts
  • Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts

ProQuest Biological & Health Science Professional

Includes Databases (Prosheet)

  • Algology Mycology & Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiol C)
  • Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)
  • Animal Behavior Abstracts
  • Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B)
  • Biochemistry Abstracts 1
  • Biochemistry Abstracts 3
  • Biotechnology Research Abstracts
  • COS Conference Papers Index
  • Calcium & Calcified Tissue Abstracts
  • Chemoreception Abstracts
  • Ecology Abstracts
  • Endocrinology Abstracts
  • Entomology Abstracts
  • Genetics Abstracts
  • Health & Safety Science Abstracts
  • Human Genome Abstracts
  • Immunology Abstracts
  • Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiol A)
  • Neurosciences Abstracts
  • Nucleic Acids Abstracts
  • Oceanic Abstracts
  • Oncogenes & Growth Factors Abstracts
  • Plant Science
  • Toxicology Abstracts
  • Virology & AIDS Abstracts

ProQuest Environmental Science Professional

Includes Databases (Prosheet)

  • Aqualine
  • Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)
  • Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiol B)
  • COS Conference Papers Index
  • Ecology Abstracts
  • Environment Abstracts
  • Ecology Abstracts
  • Environment Abstracts
  • Environmental Engineering Abstracts
  • Environmental Impact Statements: Digests
  • Health & Safety Science Abstracts
  • Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiol A)
  • Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts
  • Oceanic Abstracts
  • Pollution Abstracts
  • Risk Abstracts
  • Sustainability Science Abstracts
  • Toxicology Abstracts
  • Water Resources Abstracts

ProQuest Materials Research Professional

Includes Databases (Prosheet)

  • Aluminium Industry Abstracts
  • Ceramic Abstracts
  • Copper Technical Reference Library
  • Corrosion Abstracts
  • Engineered Materials Abstracts
  • Materials Business File

ProQuest Technology Research Professional

Includes Databases (Prosheet)

  • Abstracts in New Technology & Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Abstracts
  • Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
  • Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts
  • ProQuest Advanced Tech & Aerospace Professional
  • ProQuest Materials Research Professional