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Dialog Solutions: Serving the Pharma Sector

Learn more about the Dialog Solutions and the Dialog platform

Integrated Solutions for Pharmacovigilance

Dialog Solutions is an industry leader in product literature databases, Dialog Solutions Logoworkflow tools and related outsourcing services for global pharmaceutical companies.

  • Currently, pharmaceutical companies rely on Dialog to monitor scientific literature for advances and news on drugs and therapies through alerts.
  • They can then use Pi2's Drug Safety Triager and related services to automate the review, categorization, and indexing of alert results.
  • These results then flow into Pi2’s PinPoint product — a customized repository that offers market-leading search and content management functionality and delivers necessary regulatory reports.

The combination of Dialog and Pi2 significantly improves and simplifies drug safety workflows in the industry. However, the two systems remain indipendent, so Dialog will continue to feed alerts to other providers of product literature databases and Pi2 will continue to ingest alerts from other aggregators.

Pi2 Drug Safety Triager

Eliminate the Pain of Literature Monitoring. ProQuest Pi2 provides an end-to-end, cost-effective solution for pharmacovigilance literature monitoring while facilitating the detection of adverse event information.

ProQuest Pi2 works with biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes to:

  • Create and review effective search strategies with biomedical search platforms like ProQuest Dialog, delivering reliably deduplicated references from all key scientific databases (including those prescribed by the EMA).
  • Review all scientific references for ICSR, safety signals and aggregate reports using the Pi2 Drug Safety Triager, a securely hosted, fully validated system that meets the strict guidelines of regulatory authorities.
  • Outsource literature review to our experts – enabling drug safety departments to focus their efforts on core competencies.

Drug Safety Triager can help you:

  • Detect, screen and report adverse event information quickly and easily
  • Always be prepared for an audit
  • Provide oversight to your management with instant KPI views
  • Remove the burden of administrative tasks
  • Make the best use of your own drug safety resources and budget

For more information

Contact to learn more about how your drug safety department can mitigate risk, improve your processes, and protect the safety of your patients with ProQuest Pi2.

Pi2 PinPoint Product Literature Database

Easily Manage Critical Information for your Company. PinPoint, a customized publications database, provides pharmaceutical companies with a fully hosted, resource-saving application for managing and tracking relevant literature for medical affairs, compliance, clinical development, publications planning, marketing, regulatory affairs and competitive intelligence.

Custom Functionality for Your Company’s Needs. PinPoint is the only biomedical database in the industry that combines custom indexing, data creation, and search, allowing researchers to focus on specific concepts in the literature important to their company’s own products – as well as competitor products. PinPoint data can be imported from ProQuest Dialog alerts and integrated with conference papers as well as your company’s unpublished literature.

PinPoint has many benefits over in-house systems, including:

  • Ease of use. PinPoint is intuitive for both professional searchers and end-users.
  • No burden of hosting. PinPoint is hosted and maintained by ProQuest.
  • Customization. Indexing can be uniquely constructed to reflect your organization’s view of the literature, reflecting user workflows and specific information needs for faster, more relevant results.
  • Flexible solutions for linking to full-text articles and document delivery services.

With PinPoint, you can:

  • Minimize the typical “noise” in biomedical search results by pinpointing only the most relevant literature.
  • Link product literature seamlessly to related information like medical letters, study documents, safety reports, promotional literature, submission documents and full-text journal articles.
  • Track competitors’ publications and run comparative reports.
  • Track and display publishing trends, taking hours of work out of “publications strategy” tasks and saving agency or in-house costs.
  • Provide easy “point and click” menu-driven searching for end-users while supporting sophisticated search for information professionals.