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ProQuest Platform: ProQuest Administrator Module

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The ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM) is the admin module to the ProQuest Platform. Through the PAM you are able to customize interface settings, add organizational branding, create database login links, set up Google integration, retrieve usage reports (including new COUNTER 5 reports), configure full text access from ProQuest to other resources as well from other services to ProQuest, set up and manage authentication, create title lists, and request MARC records. 
In addition to the databases you have on your ProQuest Platform, you can also use the PAM to pull usage reports for ProQuest Congressional, Statistical, Legislative Insight, Regulatory Insight, Supreme Court Insight, History Vault, and Government Periodicals Index. 
Access to the PAM is available by username and password here: For most accounts, there is a single primary administrator profile used by the system administrator. This profile has access to all the features within the PAM. If you do not have an account, you can request access with our customer service team at
For help in using the PAM, try the following resources:


For Administrators: How to Embed a Search Link


ProQuest Administrator Module: Customizing the ProQuest Platform Interface

Description and Objectives:  This session covers using the ProQuest Administrator Module to modify the appearance and behavior of the ProQuest platform and customize ProQuest for your account(s).  The objective is to learn to:

  • Adjust ProQuest platform interface settings using the ProQuest Administrator Module

Intended Audience: Administrators - Duration: 5 minutes


ProQuest Administrator Module: Branding

Description and Objectives: This session explores applying your institution branding to the ProQuest platform using the ProQuest Administrator Module to personalize ProQuest. Objectives include:

  • Brand the ProQuest interface with logos, text and links
  • Add widgets such as instant messaging or chat
  • Implement branding in prints and downloads

Intended Audience: Administrators - Duration: 3.5 minutes


ProQuest Administrator Module: Creating a Custom URL

Description and Objectives: This session shows how to create specialized links to one or more databases or subject areas within your institution's subscription and/or modify the interface settings for users of those links.  Objectives include:

  • Create specialized login links to select databases or subjects
  • Define settings for the custom login URLs

Intended Audience: Administrators - Duration: 4 minutes


ProQuest Administrator Module: Creating a Link to Publications

Description and Objectives: This session covers creating links to publications, with a focus on providing access to a publication or bundle of publications of most interest and benefit to users.  Objectives include:

  • Create custom links to select publications
  • Make publication links accessible to searchers

Intended Audience: Administrators - Duration: 4.5 minutes



ProQuest Administrator Module: COUNTER Reports for the ProQuest Platform

Description and Objectives: This session covers COUNTER Reports for the ProQuest platform. Objectives are to:

  • Differentiate between COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5 reports
  • Define key COUNTER 5 usage reports for the ProQuest platform
  • Create COUNTER reports using the ProQuest Administrator Module

Intended Audience: Administrators and others interested in usage reports - Duration: 5.5 minutes