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Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection: Searching the Record

Searching the Record

fields in ProQuest Congressional that will search the Congressional Record Permanent Bound Collection

When searching only the Congressional Record  the fields pulldown displays the search options that are specific to the content types in the Record. 


Note:  often users may be successful simply by using the All fields except full text.




Three of the pulldowns will cause a series of options to open up with additional content options.  They are:  Content Type, Full text by section, View of GPO Index volumes only, and Member of Congress.


member search - users can search member name along with the topic they are speaking about

Searching using a member name now allows you to find remarks by that person on a particular topic. 

Results from the Basic and Advanced Search tabs

results filter showing Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection

When searching ProQuest Congressional from the Basic, Advanced, or Search by Number tabs, results for the Congressional Record (CR) are listed with the rest of the materials in the results.

Use the document filters, on the right side of the display, to limit to only the Record, or to select other document types.  More options (indicated by the arrow) allows you to choose both what you want to see, and what you want to block.

Below the document type filter (shown here) are additional options for filtering including Committee Source, Subject, and Agency.


Search Results - the details .

content from a metadata record - Congressional Record metadata is one day.

Once search results are returned and you've clicked on a day, the metadata (indexing information) corresponding to your search appears

On the left is is a guide to the contents of the page.  As Congressional Records results are often quite lengthy, these allow you to navigate to various parts of the page quite easily.  Only the document segments available for a particular day will appear.


The Title information contains information about the date, the session of Congress, and the pages covered by the day. It also gives you the permalink that you can easily create a link back to this content as well as links to the previous and next day.

The sections Members of Congress, Roll Call Votes, Other Speakers and Subjects, and Bills and Resolutions contains the four different ways information is indexed. 

At the bottom are the full text segments.  Note the Daily Digest (the cliff notes to what happened that day) are here. 


If you have searched using metadata, the section of the metadata corresponding to your search will be opened and the search term will be highlighted.

Click on the page number to open to the specific page of the content.


Not shown here:  The results are broken up into the entire document and the document broken into 50-page chunks. If you've searched using full text, the search term will display next to the 50-page increment where it appears.