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Revolution and Protest Online: Home

Revolution and Protest Online

Providing students and researchers with tools to study political processes through the lens of revolutions, protests, resistance and social movements, this collection examines the most studied and important events and themes related to revolution and protest from the 18th century through the early 21st century.

It includes 30+ thematic units representing a variety of time periods, regions, and topics selected for their prevalence in the syllabi and curriculum.  Themes include:

  • American Revolution of 1776
  • French Revolution, 1789-1799
  • Fedon’s Rebellion, 1795-1796
  • Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution, 1796–1799
  • European revolutions of 1848
  • Cuban Revolutions, 1898 and 1953-1959
  • Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901
  • Russian Revolutions, 1905 and 1917
  • The Mexican Revolution, 1910
  • Chinese Revolution of 1911
  • The Arab Revolt, 1916
  • Turkish Revolt, 1919
  • Chinese Revolution, 1949
  • The Great Syrian Revolt, 1925-27
  • Brazilian Revolution, 1930
  • Egypt Revolution, 1952
  • Iranian Revolutions, 1953 and 1979
  • Zanzibar, 1964
  • Argentine Revolution, 1966-1973
  • Hungarian Revolution, 1956
  • The Nicaraguan Revolution, 1979
  • Long Civil Rights Movement, United States
  • India Civil Disobedience and demand for independence
  • Arab Spring

The content can also be accessed through themes. These include: Fascist regimes, Gender revolutions, Guerrilla movements, Ideologies, Independence movements, Labor movements, Student movements, Non-violent movements and revolutions, Protest Art

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