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Screen Studies Collection: Sample Searches

Comprehensive survey of film scholarship publications and detailed and expansive filmographies

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Screen Studies Collection. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Screen Studies Collection please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Single Collections Sample Searches

Sample Content

SSC Cross Searches examples

Below are some examples of searches you may wish to try in order to familiarize yourself with the search and browse capabilities of ProQuest's Screen Studies Collections.  More seearch samples can be found in the individual databases LibGuides. See the links in the box on the left.

Please note that before conducting a new search, you should click "Clear form" to remove previous search terms and limits.

1. Basic Search  - search for a profile on Sean Connery

a. In the Basic Search box, enter "Sean Connery" and click search

b. In the Results Page select Person record in the Document Type Narrow Filter

c. display the results.   

2. Advanced Search - You would like to compare the film records from AFII and FII for Gone with the Wind.

a. in Advanced search select the field Production Title in the drop down menu and select the link appearing below: 'Look up Production Titles'.

b. In the separate window type Gone with the Wind in the box and hit the Find button.

c. Scroll down the list of the different names appearing and select the relevant one(s). Click on Add to Search.

d. In the box Document Type in the section More Search Options of Advanced Search,select Film. Click on search.

e. Open the resulting records from ABI and FII and compare the information contained in each.

3. Advanced Search - Find all the films by Director Truffaut.

a. In Advanced Search, click on the Look up Directors link in the More Search Options section

b. In the separate window type Truffaut in the box and hit the Find button.

         c. Select the relevant term(s). Click on Add to Search.

         d. Click on the button Search in the Advanced Search page - revise the results.

How many records you get from AFI? How many from FII? Which is the language of the main title of the records in either source?

4. Command Line - Find illustrated articles on the latest fantasy movie by Disney, Woods.

a. In the Command Line box, type ti(disney woods) and df(photo* or illust* or imag* or cartoon)

b. Select the Full text box in the Limit to section of the search page - click on Search.

c. Select relevant articles and save the pdf document on your pc.

5. Command Line - Find criticism articles discussing the imagery of 2001 a Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrik.

a. In the Command Line box, type (2001 n/2 SPACE-ODYSSEY) and imagery

b. Select the Full text box in the Limit to section of the search page - click on Search.

c. Does the term psychedelic occur often in association with this movie's imagery?

d. Revise the articles and select the most relevant ones.