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Statistical Abstract of the United States: Searching

Searching the Statistical Abstract


You can search the Statistical Abstract using any term and the search will reflect table titles, notations of content, and the row and column text.

Key words are searched using Boolean syntax - a space between words is an implied AND connector. You can use the connector OR to search for alternatives, and you can use double quotes to limit results to an exact match of a word or phrase and turn off stemming or lemmatization. The wildcard * can be used at the end of a word to find multiple endings- wat* will find water, watches, watts. The ? will find a missing character- atche? will find watched, watcher or watches. You cannot search using NAICS codes at this time, but you can search for the NAICS industries and view tables with results listed by NAICS codes.

Search results show where in the record the search term appears.  

Results also show the data source, and the date the data was released. This is located in the italicized text just under the title.

Once the search results are returned, you can see the facets that are assigned to each table including the dates covered, data source, breakdowns by geographic region, by race, age, gender etc., and subjects. 

Sorting Results

Sorting Results



When your result set is returned, you can see results sorted by Relevance, Date (newest), Date (oldest) and Table number. 

Using the facets

Using Filters



After reviewing the initial results you can further limit your results by the facets shown in the left column.

In this example, the search for birth rate has been further refined by applying the subject term Teenage Pregnancy.

If you want to return to the original search results, click on Clear All Filters or on the particular filter you want to delete if you have selected more than one filter.