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Statistical Abstract of the United States: Updated Tables

New Data

Tables within the Statistical Abstract of the United States, Online Edition will be updated as data is issued that allows us to update the information.

This page shows you how to identify any updated tables, and shows you what will be updated.

From the Browse View

Updated Tables

If you are browsing the Statistical Abstract (online edition), you will be able to see, through different dates listed at the Release Date, that an individual table has been updated.

Note:  the PDF Section (the PDF that gives the whole section, or chapter, of the book) will be updated annually to maintain parity ​with the print edition. 

The PDF Section will not be updated each time an individual table is updated.

If you are viewing search results, each table will list the date of update.

Within an Individual Table

If an individual table has been updated, the Release Date at the top will reflect that, and, of course, both the table itself, and the XLS will show the newer data.

The Source document PDF will not be updated so that we can maintain parity with the print edition.

When the new edition of the print version is issued, the old Source document PDFs will be archived in the product.