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Statistical Abstracts of the World: Search Help

Quotation Marks (Exact Phrase)

To find an occurrence of an exact phrase, enclose it in quotation marks.


The search is not case-sensitive or punctuation-sensitive. “Flow-of-funds” returns the same number of results as “flow of funds.”  If you put parentheses around a quoted phrase, you get the same results you would without parentheses. 


Tip:  Do not combine quoted and unquoted words in a single search.

Tip:  Do not use a wildcard within quotation marks; the search engine will interpret the * or the ? literally.

Thesaurua/Alternative Spellings or Terms

A thesaurus automatically retrieves and highlights alternative versions of words like Al Qaeda. The thesaurus will also support access to synonyms.


GDP = Gross Domestic Product; Consumer spending  = consumer expenditures and personal consumption; cars = automobiles







replaces a single letter   


 mari?uana =  marijuana and marihuana





replaces an infinite number of letter following a root word


foreclos* = foreclose, foreclosed, and foreclosure



Stemming (Singular/Plural and Alternative Words)





Stemming automatically retrieves plurals and other valid alternative word forms. Plurals are converted to their stem (or root) forms at index-time for a fast, accurate search. Stemming will work on any unquoted search.


Mine retrieves mine, mines, mining.



Tip: The use of quotation marks turns stemming off and forces an exact match.

Tip:  To search beyond a word stem, you should use a wildcard.