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Supreme Court Insight: Search Results

Search Results

search results - part 1

A search on a broad term (in this case the search was "First Amendment") brings back Case Histories, dockets, etc.  

Using the search box at the top of the page, and checking the box Search within results, users can narrow their search.  The option, Modify Search, on top of the search box, returns the user to the search page.

The result list can be sorted by relevance or by date. 

Note that Case Histories cluster at the top of the search results.  There is also a filter on the left side (the first option under Content Type) that allows you to limit to only the Case Histories.


search results - part 2

Use the filters on the left side of the search results to filter by Case Characteristic, Content Type, Justice, Court of Origin, Petitioner, Respondent and more.

search results - part 3

search results - part 4

search results - part 5

search results - part 6