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Syndetics Unbound: Electronic Resources

Mark and Boost Electronic Resources

We have just released a major new feature for Syndetics Unbound. The feature adapts Syndetics Unbound to our present moment, highlighting and promoting libraries' electronic collections. We hope it will prove useful to you during this time of physical closure and electronic interest.

Learn more about this feature on the LibraryThing blog post.

New: Use one one of our logos here to let patrons know to keep an eye out for electronic collections in your catalog.

What it does

If activated, the new feature:

  • Boosts electronic resources. "You May Also Like" and other lists now prefer electronic editions of titles, and surface more electronic resources overall.
  • Marks all electronic resources with an attractive "e" icon.
  • Adds a message to the top of the Syndetics Unbound section of your page, explaining what the "e" means. You can modify this message.

How to enable

We believe this feature should be enabled by every library affected by the Coronavirus. But we are leaving it up to you to turn it on—and customize it as you see fit. If you don't turn it on, your catalog will see no changes, and your electronic collections will not be enhanced and promoted.

You can choose how much to boost your electronic resources as opposed to print, using the slider from "No Boost" to "High."

To turn this function on in your Syndetics Unbound Admin, go to the "Catalog Enrichments" page. Then choose the "Electronic Resources" option on the left menu.