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Visual History Archive: Help


The VHA is on the USC Shoah Foundation platform.  The VHA User Guide, linked below, serves the current platform, covers most of the search features except for the “ProQuest Search in Bio Profile" and "ProQuest Search in Segment”  See this page for more information on those features.


Notes about Profiles and Visual History Archive Access

  • Any email address can be used to set up a profile or log in.  
  • Access to the full Visual History Archive is restricted by IP address.  The full Archive can only be accessed if a user is coming from any subscribing institutions' IP addresses as access is managed only by IP address. If a user wants to access the full VHA remotely, they would need to go through their subscribing institution's network to get a valid IP either by using VPN or by library proxy.
  • If a user logs in without authentication through a subscribing institution (for example, from home, or a coffee shop, or other place without authentication into the product), the user will default into the free version (VHA Online) that contains significantly less content. 
  • Profiles are not matched to institutional IPs, so a user can create an account at one institution, then travel to another institution with access, and log in there with with the same credentials.

    EZProxy Stanza for new VHA

AnonymousURL +*
Title USC Shoah Visual History Archive [2022 Nov NW] 
HTTPHeader -request -process x-csrf 
HTTPHeader -response -process Access-Control-Allow-Origin
HTTPHeader -response -process Access-Control-Allow-Credentials 
HTTPHeader -request -process Referer 
Option X-Forwarded-For
Option CookiePassThrough 
AnonymousURL -*
Option NoX-Forwarded-For 
Option Cookie