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Visual History Archive: Quick Search

Quick Search

basic search from searching for Oskar Schindler




To search across the collections, go to the search screen (also known as QuickSearch).


To the right of the search button, even before you click it, a number will show you how many testimonies are retrieved using those search terms (in the example, the number is 326, shown in red).  


To narrow or broaden your search, you might use one of the buttons directly under the search box so that you search All Words, Any Words, or Exact Phrase.


If you are searching using index terms, use the Collections filter, on the left side of the search screen to further narrow results to a specific event or collection.


Click on the search button when you are ready to view results.

using the caret to access additional filters on the quick search page

Use the caret on the right to show additional filters.

the additional filters for language, gender, and experience group

The caret allows users to filter using language, gender, and experience group.