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The Vogue Archive

Searchable Fields

An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.

Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Anywhere        On the Advanced Search page, enter search terms or phrases, using “double quotation marks” for two or more word phrases and (parentheses) to nest, and select the “All fields +text” from drop-down menu to the right of the search box.
Anywhere except full text ALL ALL(Modigliani)

ALL searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.
Author* AU AU(Stein Gertrude)     AU(Steinem, Gloria OR Capote, Truman)     AU(Pearl Bailey)

Use to find documents written by a particular author.  Use the “Look up Authors” browsable list to find the correct spelling and format of an author’s name.  Names may be entered as Last Name, First Name or as First Name Last Name.
Caption CAP CAP(Versace)

Search an image caption exactly as it appears next to the image.
Color COLR COLR(Blue)

Searches on the Color of the apparel or item in the image
Company/Brand* BCO BCO(Mercedes-Benz)        BCO(Christian Lacroix)

Search for company, designer, or brand names of advertisers.
Contributor CBTR CBTR(Beaton, Cecil)        CBTR(Annie Leibovitz)

Use this field to search for contributor names in captions (i.e., makeup artists, hair stylists, and stylists).  Contributor’s names may also be found in the  credits of an image, article, etc. Names may be entered as Last Name, First Name or as First Name Last Name.
Designer name DEN DEN(Christina Hutson)

Used to search for the Designer for the apparel in the Image
Document Feature DF DF(Photograph)

Use to search for features within an article: cartoon, chart, diagram, illustration, infographic, logo, photograph, and table. (Note: Articles always appear in the viewer starting on the first page of the article, yet the document feature searched for may be on a following page, so use the page navigation in the toolbar to ‘turn’ the pages.)
Document Number AN AN(879311098)

Searches the ProQuest document ID.
Document Text FT FT(“Yves St Laurent”)

Search for keywords in the body of the article.
Document Title TI TI(“Society in Novels”)     TI(“Red Carpet” OR Red-carpet)

TI(“Vogue Pattern Department”)

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article or locates the title of the article in its entirety.
Document Type DType DType(Advertisement)       DType(Letter to the Editor)

Use this to find specific document types: advertisement, article, contributors, cover, fashion shoot, fiction, index, letter from the editor, letter to the editor, masthead, poem, and table of contents.
Fashion Item FASH FASH(Denim)           FASH(All-In-One OR All-In-Ones)

Locates images of the fashion item or detail, type, or descriptive element of the item being advertised, displayed, or worn in the image (i.e., type of collar, seam, material, etc.).  Selecting Fashion Item from the Advanced Search drop-down menu will provide a Look-up menu for all indexed Fashion Item terms.
Image keyword IKW IKW(nodel)       IKW(flowers)

Searches on the Image tags associated to the Image
ISSN ISSN ISSN(00428000)

This database only indexes the American VOGUE, thus there is one indexed and searchable ISSN.
Issue ISS ISS(16)

Use to search the issue number of a resource. Use in combination with a Volume (VO) search for more specificity.
Journal Subject JSU JSU(“Clothing Trade—Fashions”)

The American Vogue has been assigned four specific Journal Subjects: General Interest Periodicals—United States, Beauty Culture, Women’s Interests, and Clothing Trade—Fashions.  A search for any of these will produce results from all indexed records.  Because of this fact, utilization of this particular searchable field is most useful when cross-searching The Vogue Archive database with other ProQuest databases.
Magazine Editor* ED ED(Josephine Redding)      ED(Wintour, Anna)

The American Vogue has had only seven Editors-In-Chief in its more than 100 year history (in chronological order): Josephine Redding (1892-1901), Marie Harrison (1901-1914), Edna Woolman Chase (1914-1951), Jessica Daves (1952-1963), Diana Vreeland (1963-1971), Grace Mirabella (1971-1988), and Anna Wintour (1988-present).  Names may be entered as Last Name, First Name or as First Name Last Name.
Material ML ML(Canvas)

Searches on the material of the clothing or apparel in the image.
Page PG PG(6)        PG(4-10)

Searches for the specific page or page range.
Person pictured PER PER(Piper Perabo)

Searches for the person pictured in the image.
Photographer/ illustrator ILL ILL(Hilary Walsh)          ILL(Lord Snowden)

Searches for the photographer who took the picture or illustrator who drew in the image.
Product Name NP NP(Coco Chanel)

Use to find advertisements or articles about a specific product.
Publication Date PD PD(Dec 17, 1892)       PD(Dec 1892)      PD(1995)

Use this field to search for dates of publication.  Be mindful that over time the publication changed from a weekly to a twice-monthly publication cycle in the 1910s, and finally to a once-monthly publication cycle in 1973. Thus the official publication date changed from inclusion of a day, month, and year to only the month and year.  (Note: The first volume and issue of the American Vogue was published on 17 December 1892.)
Publication Title PUB PUB(Vogue)

This database only indexes the American VOGUE, thus there is only one publication title indexed and searchable.
Publication Year PY PY(1978)        PY (1914-1951)

Use a single year or series of years (separated by a hyphen) to search for every issue published during that year or that course of years.
Retail Information   (“Sweater, about $100”)

Sourced from the “In This Issue” section of each issue, this field searches more details about featured items, retail sources, price, etc.
Trend TD TD(Tailored)

Searches for the trend of the clothing or accessory in the image.
Volume VO VO(35)

Use to search for the volume of a resource.  Use in combination with an Issue (ISS) search for more specificity.