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Women's Wear Daily: Sample Searches

Links to Women's Wear Daily

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Women's Wear Daily. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Women's Wear Daily, please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

[1] Click on Basic Search

[2] Enter: pencil skirt

[3] Click on Search

[4] View results.

Glancing at the Publication Date bar chart at left, you can get a quick visual display showing the rise and decline of this fashion over time. The system defaults to a view of 1910-2015, and you can see the peaks in 1940-1949 and in 2000-2009. You can then drill down into any year, and look at month-by-month hits on the term, and day by day hits on the term. Navigate to 1948, then to May of 1948 via the timeline, and click on the May bar on the graph. Drill down to a particular day, then a particular article where the pencil skirt is referenced. [Note, by selecting the “Full Text” tab, you will see your keyword terms highlighted in the article and can quickly scan for references of interest to you.

Via Basic Search, you can similarly look at the term Peasant and its use across time in fashion, and Bohemian, for example, looking for socioeconomic trends that coincide with these aesthetics.

Advanced Search

How did Levi’s attempt to market to clerks who were selling to a whole new breed of women: the feminist?

[1] Click on Advanced Search

[2] In the first open search box, type feminist

[3] In the Document Type limiter, check the box for Advertisement

[4] Click on Search

[5] View result from September 30, 1974, an ad for Levi’s Jeans. “How do you dress a misses customer who grew up with Cape Canaveral, Bob Dylan, and The Peace Corps?”

Your new misses customer is a space age girl. A post-war baby grown up…. At 28, she curves like a misses. But she doesn’t think like a misses. She’s a feminist and a consumerist. She can live without frills, and won’t stand for being taken. She wants Levi’s. Levi’s are what she’s worn since she was old enough to walk…”