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Supreme Court Insight: About

What is Supreme Court Insight?

Supreme Court Insight, 1975-2016, is a complete online collection of full opinions from Supreme Court argued cases, including per decision, dockets, oral arguments, joint appendices and amicus briefs. Content associated with each case is compiled on a dynamic page organized to facilitate understanding of the judicial process, and is also retrievable on a document by document basis. This module covers content through the 2016/2017 term.

Two separate modules, Supreme Court Insight Certiorari Denied, Part 1 and Part 2 has been released.  These are online collections covering Supreme Court paid cases from 1975 through 2017/2018 terms, in which the petition for writ of certiorari (PWC) is denied.  This collection includes fully searchable PDFs of the docket, PWC, and all petition stage briefs. 

Supreme Court Insight Cert Denied modules are available as stand-alone products or fully integrated with other Supreme Court Insight modules, and offers links from case-specific records to Legislative Insight and Regulatory Insight, for entitled customers.

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Load Status and Schedule Modules

Load Status and Schedule for Supreme Court Insight, 1975-2016, module:

As of September 18, 2018

  • 1975-1979: content is loaded.
  • 1980-83: content is loaded. 
  • 1975-2016 is about 96% fully loaded. We are still doing some incidental reacquisition for cases that had problems in the fiche and we still need to put up the Oral Arguments from 1975-1978.
  •  Original Jurisdiction Cases: About 7 of these are loaded. We are continuing to work on the others.

Load Status for Cert Denied, Part 1 (1997-2017/18 term)

As of September 18, 2018, there are 20554 case histories and 62453 documents.

Load Status for Cert Denied, Part 2 (1975/1976-1996/1997 terms)

As of November 19, 2018, there are 23551 documents loaded into 8029 case histories.

Case histories per term:
  • Oct. 1996: 1736
  • Oct. 1995: 1508
  • Oct. 1994: 2226
  • Oct. 1993: 1577
  • Oct. 1992: 982