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Supreme Court Insight Help Files: Document View - Case History

Case History

top of case history page - 1 of 5 imagesThe Case History page is a compilation of all of the documents filed with the Supreme Court.

The links on the left side allow users to jump to the part of the content required. 

The top of the center column, just under the number of results and the case name, has the filters that allow users to search the full text of case content, filter by document type, stage etc.  More information about the filters is below. 

The top of the case information provides a summary of the questions presented to the Court, and the ruling. 

case history page - second of five images

Next in the History is an overiew of case details.  Note that some of the items are hyperlinked so users can click to retrieve all other materials with that name. 


Items in the Case Details include the case number, short and full case name, name of the petitioner and respondent, Court of origin, term in which the case was heard, date the petition to hear the case was granted, date the case was argued, date the case was decided, the status of the case, the disposition of the case, the U.S. Reports citation (note:  U.S. Reports are published several years after the case was heard, so those citations will not be available until the citations are assigned and added as part of our annual update), and a permalink. 


Underneath the Case Details the Vote and Opinion is shown.  This information is taken from the slip opinion. 

case history page - third of five images

Next are the subjects assigned to the case.  Use the subject links to bring back other cases on the same topics.



The Docket (the record of proceedings for a case showing all the official actions) is included next.



Below the docket, the information is grouped by the stage of the case.  The first state is the Petition Stage where the petitioner asks the Court to hear the case (the Petition for writ of certiorari is submitted by the petitioner putting forward the legal position of the case and asking the Supreme Court to hear the case).  Any briefs filed at this stage are included here. 

case history page - fourth of five images

Once the Court decides to hear the case, we enter the Merit Stage.  A Joint Appendix is filed including  relevant docket entries from the lower courts; relevant pleadings, jury instructions, findings, conclusions, and opinions; the decision, judgment, or opinion under review; and any other information the petitioner or the respondent wish to bring to the Court’s attention.

Note that as you mouse over the Full Text - PDF for the Joint Appendix the Table of Contents is a separate file (a separate chunk) so users can easily see the contents.


Any additional briefs may be filed at this point. 

case history page - fifth of five images


At the end of the Case History, you'll see the Resolution Stage documents including the oral arguments (what was said in arguing the case in front of the Court) and finally the Opinion rendered by the Court


find in full text and filter for stage of the processThe filters (found at the top of the Case History Page) are used to search within the Case History and to expose different aspects of the case for users. 

More than once filter may be used simultaneously.

The top option in the Filter box is a Full Text search where users can search for a particular word or phrase found within the documents included in the Case History.

The first filter is the option to filter by stage in the process.

content-type filter will filter by one more more of the document types included in the case history


The second filter allows users to filter by document type. 

Only document types included in the Case History will be found here. 

filed-by filter


Finally is the option to filter using "filed by" so users can see everything included as part of the case from the petitioner, respondent, etc.