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Alexander Street Video Platform

Translation Tool

The Alexander Street Video Platform,, can now be translated into Simplified Chinese or Spanish on-demand. Click the relevant PDF below for instructions on how to enable translations.

Preview Results

From the results, the lower case can be clicked to find out more on a video without actually playing the film.

Screenshot of search results with small information i over video

Screenshot of video preview in Alexander Street Video
The red dot on the preview player can be slid to preview additional locations in the video.  Hitting play will launch the video from wherever the red dot is in full screen mode. 

In the information preview, you can see description and length as well as narrators and producers, which are hyperlinked if you'd like to browse more of their videos.  Clicking on Channels on the right, bottom will take you to channels related to this video title. 

Play Video

Screenshot of video player interface

Top of the player

You can navigate through the menu options such as Fullscreen, Transcript, Details, Clips, Share, and Cite. 

Bottom of the player

Below the video progress bar, from left to right, are the length of video in hours and minutes, volume control, previous video, play/pause, next video, closed caption, settings, video information, and full screen option.

To advance the current video, use the video progress bar to slide forward or back.

Also available is the ability cite the video using copy/paste in APA, MLA, Chicago, or full citation.  Searching the transcript box will reduce the size of the video and open the transcript on the right side of the screen. 

View and Search Transcripts

This short video shows you how to use the searchable, scrolling transcripts in the video interface. Duration: 1 minute, 13 seconds.

Make Clips

This short video shows you how to create clips. Duration: 2 minutes

Support Center article with written instructions and screenshots

Link, Embed, and LTI

There are multiple ways to share and embed content from Alexander Street Video.

To see the options, click the Share tab at the top of a video. This will provide Permalink or Embed Code text that you can copy and paste. For these two options to work off-campus, you might need to add proxy information to the links. Contact Support for help with this. Share Permalink or Embed Code

Alexander Street supports standard linking to content using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). With LTI your instructors can more easily embed links to content and users can access the content using their credentials on the learning management system.

With LTI there is no need to add proxy prefixes to the content page request and no need for the user to sign into the proxy. You can either use an LTI tool in the LMS or copy and paste an LTI launch URL from the item.

To see how the tool works in Canvas and Moodle, view the video below.

To retrieve the LTI launch URL from a video on, click the Share tab, choose Copy Permalink, and then Embed via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

Permalink or LTI

If your institution does not have LTI options, you will need the assistance of your local IT, instructional design team, and/or librarians to set it up the first time.  For more information, click on the Support Center guide below and follow instructions for