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K-12 Education Coursepack

The objective of this Coursepack is to instruct Product Education Staff and Leaders on the delivery and promotion of key components and curricular applications of ProQuest’s suite of Guided Research databases.  The intended Audience for this course includes:

  • Teachers
  • Department Heads / Curriculum & Instruction Administrators
  • Media Specialists
  • Children's Librarians
  • Community College Library Staff
  • Parents/ Homeschoolers

How to Use this Guide

  • Access train-the-trainer presentations that can be downloaded and customized to provide staff training for ProQuest's K-12 databases.
  • Use the guide to learn the intended uses for each K-12 resource and provide examples of key components directly supporting core curriculum areas.
  • Use this guide to assist Educators with classroom integration and instruction. 
  • Scavenger Hunts are provided to guide exploration of database content and interaction with the Guided Research platform.  These exercises are intended to be utilized by Educators and Researchers



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