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Indian Claims Insight Help Files: State Dates


March 3, 1817 Alabama Territory is created.
December 14, 1889 Alabama is admitted as the 22nd State of the U.S.


March 30, 1867 The United States purchase Alaska from the Russian Empire for 7.2 million U.S. dollars.
May 11, 1912 Alaska is Officially incorportated as an organized territory
January 3, 1959 Alaska is admitted as the 49th State of the U.S.


1821 When Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821, what is now Arizona became part of the Territory of Nueva California.
1846-1848 Mexican-American War
1853-1861 Arizona is administered as a part of the Territory of New Mexico
February 14, 1862 Arizona is recognized as Confederate Territory
February 24, 1863 A new Arizona Territory consisting of the western half of New Mexico Territory was declared in Washington, D.C
February 14, 1912 Arizona is admitted as the 48th State of the U.S.



June 4, 1819 Arkansas Territory is created.
June 15, 1836 Arkanasa is admitted as the 25th State of the U.S.



1821 Mexican War of Independence gives Mexico and California freedom from Spain.
1846 California Republic is established.
January 13, 1847 After a series of battles the U.S. secures control of California.
September 9, 1850 California is admitted as the 31st State of the U.S.


February 28, 1861 The Territory of Colorado was organized.
August 1, 1876 Colorado is admitted as the 38th State of the U.S.


1633-1646 Several English colonies were established.
1636-1637 Colonists declared war on the Pequots. The war ended with the Pequots asking for a trube and peace terms.
January 9, 1788 Connecticut is admitted as the 5th State of the U.S.


1763 Spain Traded Florida to the Kingdom of Great Britain for control of Havana, Cuba.
1783 Spain regained control of Florida after Britain's defeat in the American Revolution and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles.
1817-1818 First Seminole War
1821 Spain ceded the east and west Florida territories to the United States through the Adams-Onís Treaty.
March 30, 1822 United States merged East Florida and part of West Florida in to the Florida Territory.
1830 U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act and as settlement increased, pressure grew on the United States government to remove the Indians from Florida.
1832  The Treaty of Payne's Landing promised to the Seminoles lands west of the Mississippi River if they agreed to leave Florida.
March 3, 1845 Florida is admitted as the 27th State of the U.S.
1835-1842 Second Seminole War
1855-1858 Third Seminole War


Feburary 12, 1733 Established as the last of the original 13 colonies.
January 2, 1788 Georgia is admitted as the 4th State of the U.S.
1829 Gold is discovered in the North Georgia Mountains.
1830 U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act and as settlement increased, pressure grew on the United States government to remove the Indians from Georgia.
1838  In 1838 Martin Van Buren dispatched federal troops to gather the Cherokee and deport them west of the Mississippi. This forced relocation, known as the Trail of Tears, led to the death of over 4,000 Cherokees
January 19, 1861 Seceeded from the Union.
1870 Last state to the be restored to the Union.


1846 United States gained undisputed jurisdiction from Great Britain.
March 4, 1863 Idaho Territory was created. It included present day Idaho, Montana and most of Wyoming.
July 3, 1890 Idaho is admitted as the 43rd State of the U.S.


1763 Illinois, a part of the French Empire La Louisiane, passed to British control at the conclusion of the Seven Years War.
1778 George Rogers Clark claimed Illinois County for Virginia
1783 Virginia ceded the are to the United States and made it part of the Northwest Territory
February 3, 1809 Illinois Territory was created.
December 3, 1818 Illinois is admitted as the 21st State of the U.S.
1832 Black Hawk War is fought in Illinois and Wisconsin between the Sauk, Fox, and Kickapoo Indian Tribes.


1763 Indiana, a part of the French Empire La Louisiane, passed to British control at the conclusion of the Seven Years War.
1787  The US defined present-day Indiana as part of its Northwest Territory
1800  Congress separated Ohiofrom the Northwest Territory, designating the rest of the land as the Indiana Territory.
1809 AfterMichigan Territory was separated and the Illinois Territory was formed, Indiana was reduced to its current size and geography.
December 11, 1816 Indiana is admitted as the 19th State of the U.S.


1803 Louisianna Purchase takes place, Iowa is placed under United States Control.
1813 Fort Madison was defeated by British-supported Indians in 1813 during the War of 1812, and Fort Shelby in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, also fell to the British.
1814-1832 Indian tribes were pushed out of Iowa.
1838 Territory of Iowa is established.
December 28, 1846 Iowa is admitted as the 29th State of the U.S.


1830 Kansas first settled by European Americans.
May 30, 1854 Kansas Territory is established. Kansas Territory stretched all the way to the Continental Divide and included the sites of present-day Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.
January 29, 1861 Kansas is admitted as the 34th State of the U.S.


December 31, 1776 The region of Virginia beyond the Appalachian Mountains was established as Kentucky County by the Virginia General Assembly.
December 18, 1789 Viriginia gave its consent for Kentucky to gain statehood.
June 1, 1792 Kentucky is admitted as the 15th State of the U.S.


1803 Lousiana Purchase takes place.
1804 U.S. divides the Lousiana Territory into two separate territories, The Territory of Orleans and the District of Louisiana.
April 30, 1812 Louisiana is admitted as the 18th State of the U.S.



June 30, 1805 Territory of Michigan is established.
January 26, 1837 Michigan is admitted as the 26th State of the U.S.


March 3, 1849 Territory of Minnesota is established.
May 11, 1858 Minnesota is admitted as the 32nd State.


April 7, 1798 Territory of Mississippi is established.
December 10, 1817 Mississippi is admitted as the 20th State of the U.S.


June 4, 1812 Territory of Missouri is established.
August 10, 1821 Missouri is admitted as the 24th State of the U.S.


May 26, 1864 Territory of Montana is established.
November 8, 1889 Montana is admitted as the 41st State of the U.S.


May 30, 1854 Territory of Nebraska is established.
March 1, 1867 Nebraska is admitted as the 37th State of the U.S.


March 2, 1861 Nevada Territory is separated from Utah Territory
October 31, 1864 Nevada is admitted as the 36th State of the U.S.

New Mexico  

September 9, 1850 Territory of New Mexico is established.
January 6, 1912 New Mexico is admitted as the 47th State of the U.S.

New York  

1664-1776 Province of New York
July 26, 1788 New York admitted as the 11th State of the U.S.

North Carolina  

1712-1776 Province of North Carolina
November 21, 1789 North Carolina admitted as the 12th State of the U.S.

North Dakota  

March 2, 1861 Territory of Dakota is established.
November 2, 1889 North Dakota admitted as the 39th State of the U.S.


July 13, 1787 Territory Northwest of the River Ohio is established.
March 1, 1803 Ohio admitted as the 17th State of the U.S.


May 2, 1890 Territory of Oklahoma is established.
November 16, 1907 Oklahoma admitted as the 46th State of the U.S.


August 14, 1848 Territory of Oregon is established.
February 14, 1859 Oregon admitted as the 33rd State of the U.S.


March 4, 1681  Province of Pennsylvania is founded.
December 12, 1787 Pennsylvania admitted as the 2nd State of the U.S.

South Carolina  

1712 Province of South Carolina is founded.
May 23, 1788 South Carolina admitted as the 8th State of the U.S.

South Dakota  

March 2, 1861 Territory of Dakota is established.
November 2, 1889 South Dakota admitted as the 40th State of the U.S.


May 26, 1790  Territory South of the River Ohio, including the current Tennessee, is established.
June 1, 1796 Tennessee admitted as the 16th State of the U.S.


March 2, 1836 Independent soveriegn country, The Republic of Texas, is established.
December 29, 1845 Texas was annexed by the U.S. adn admitted as the 28th State of the Union.


September 9, 1850 Territory of Utah is established.
January 4, 1896 Utah admitted as the 45th State of the U.S.


March 2, 1853 Territory of Washington is established.
November 11, 1889 Washington admitted as the 42nd State of the U.S.


West Virginia  

1861 Wheeling Conventions of 1861 take place. Delegates from some Unionist counties of northwestern Virginia decided to break away from Virginia during the American Civil War
June 20, 1863 West Virginia admitted as the 35th State of the U.S.


July 3, 1836 Territory of Wisconsin is established.
May 29, 1848 Wisconsin admitted as the 30th State of the U.S.


July 25, 1868 Territory of Wyoming is established.
July 10, 1890 Wyoming admitted as the 44th State of the U.S.