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Legislative Insight

The Legislative History & Searching Within the compiled documents

A few highlights from the legislative history document:

The Options allow you to sort by publication type, or by date (forwards or backwards).  And the Go To allows you to jump to a specific publication type. 

NOTE SPECIFICALLY the field "Find Terms In Full Text Publications" that allows you to search within the publications in the compiled history you are viewing. This allows you to search for a particular phrase or clause in the history of the law. This is useful for finding "evidence" of legislative intent or discussion of particular issues, or even the origin of words and phrases.


The dark blue type, under the blue menu bar includes options such as Add to (your) Profile, and to look at the results as part of the Legislative Process.

The data at the top of the legislative history document includes the PDF of the public law, the enacted bill number, and a durable URL you can add to bibliographies or just copy and paste to track your work.

Underneath the Summary and Subject Terms (note the search term is highlighted if you had searched for laws using keywords) are the publications. 

For bills, click on the date for the bill text.  Click on the bill number for the document details (the metadata) about this bill.  The document detail always includes a durable URL.

pt 2 - partial view of history

The other documents (not all document types are shown here) are listed below.