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All Newspapers Option

All Newspapers image

There are a lot of options here for browsing all papers in the collection or narrowing to location, date range, keyword of paper (farm, for example), etc.  It is also a simple way to see how much coverage (number of pages and years) a particular title has.  

Clicking on a newspaper's name will take you into an overview of the paper including recently clipped articles, ability to search within or browse, who has provided access to the paper (such as a state's historical society) and a link to their website, an image of date ranges, a calendar to help define your search, nearby papers, and any personal users interested in the paper. 


Search page for

The search page will come up with a fairly blank box initially.  If you create a personal login to manage your Library Edition account, you will be able to see your previous searches and even save them for notification if new content is added to that newspaper.

Keywords can be names, places, events in history, etc.  HINT:  using quotes around a name or set of words will often help target your search:  "John Davenport" or "Bay of Pigs".

New Search page option for

This is a new search interface for  For a limited time, you may choose to use the older search form or choose to use this one.

Article Viewer

Article Viewer

There are several options for viewing articles in the article viewer as shown above.  

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • You do not need a personal account to view articles but to interact with them (clip, share, save to Ancestry), you will need to set up a free personal account.  Ancestry interaction also requires an free account.
  • Options for saving and printing include .jpeg (image) or .pdf (portable document file).  You can save or print a page or part of a page. 
  • Different Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) perform download article actions differently.  Know how it works so you don't feel like you've lost a download.  Consider saving to a flashdrive or cloud account if you use a public computer. 
  • The back button of your Internet browser will get you back to a previous screen.


Clippings feature from

The Clippings feature in is a way that users can see what others are interested in as well as save articles to their own personal accounts (not necessary to use, but a helpful feature for those who want to save clippings).  

Browse Newspapers

Browse Newspapers.comWhen first going to the Browse Newspapers command, you will see the list of countries in your collection as well as the related states, provinces, etc.  Every time you select state (or equivalent), the screen will widen to the right as shown above.  Each term in grey indicates another choice has been made to specify the paper and edition.

To change back to a different date or paper or state or country, simply click on that term (going from right to left). 

Newspapers Map

Map in

The Papers by location in the upper right corner of the Browse screen will take you to a map showing papers based on location.  Clicking on each of the red map dots will take you to that region.  You can then search within that region.  HINT:  clicking on the search magnifying glass with no search terms will take you to a list of that region's papers.  

NOTE:  The browser's back button does not work effectively with this page, so to go back, it is easiest to click on Browse again then restart on the Papers by location link.

Creating a Profile

When executing certain commands in Library Edition, you may be prompted to create a log in (or sign in if you already have a login).  You can create a unique login or use your Facebook credentials.

You can also create a login prior to being prompted by clicking on Sign-in in the upper right corner of the interface and completing the "Sign up today" process as well.