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ProQuest One Business

Searchable Fields

An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.


Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Anywhere except full text NOFT NOFT("Market value")

This field searches in all indexing fields except the full text
Abstract AB AB(Burnout)

AB searches for keywords in the abstract only.
Accession number AN AN(4189374245)

AN searches ProQuest unique record identifier.
All subjects and indexing SU SU(International trade)

SU searches for records indexed with a particular subject term.
Author AU AU(Ben Bernanke)
AU(Duflo, Esther)

AU searches for documents written by a particular author. Author names may be entered as: Last Name, First Name First Name Last Name First name Last Name
Business subject MAINSUBJECT MAINSUBJECT(“Safe harbour”)

MAINSUBJECT searches for specific business subject terms from the ProQuest Business Thesaurus.
Country or Location LOC LOC(Germany)

LOC retrieves documents/reports that are from a specific location or country
Corporation CORP CORP(Adidas)

CORP is the new business corporation indexing, CORP searches for records indexed with a specific corporation.
Document title TI TI(“artificial intelligence”)

TI searches for keywords in the title of the record.
Document type DTYPE or AT DTYPE(Business Case) or AT(Industry Report)

DTYPE retrieves specified document types. For example, Annual Report, Working paper, or Audio/Video Clip.
Industry term INDUSTRY INDUSTRY(Adhesive Manufacturing)

INDUSTRY searches for records with a specific NAICS industry description
ISBN ISBN ISBN(9780691128122)
ISBN(978-0-691-12812-2) (hyphens optional)

ISBN searches for an International standard book number.
ISSN ISSN ISSN(01674544‎)
ISSN(0167-4544) (hyphens optional)

ISSN searches for a serial series number, this could be electronic or print
NAICS code NAICS NAICS(Audio and video equipment manufacturing)

NAICS searches for records with documents indexed with specific Industry term or industry numeric code. ProQuest indexes up to 6 digits in the hierarchical NAICS schema. You can use a wildcard to broaden your search within a category

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.
More information about NAICS
Premium report containing or Report containing RPTFEATURE RPTFEATURE("Industry financials")

RPTFEATURE searches for reports containing special features like ‘Industry financials’, ‘Company SWOT’ etc.
Premium report provided by PB PB(Mergent)

PB searches for records or reports published by a specific publisher.
Publication Date PD PD(Nov 1996)

PD searches for items published on a particular date/date range.
Publication title PUB PUB(“The Economist”)

PUB searches for documents from a specific publication title.
Report type REPORTTYPE REPORTTYPE(""Company"")

REPORTTYPE searches for a specific report type –company, industry or country reports - from a major market researcher provider. You can also use the Document or Article type field to find broader coverage of these sources (see above).