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ProQuest Research Companion: About

ProQuest Research Companion is a new, intuitive, self-guided tool written by writing instructors and librarians, designed to enhance information literacy, writing, and research skills in libraries and online learning environments.

Diverse Learning Styles



Delivered as a set of ten questions, the material in the Learning Modules unit is presented in visually compelling and inventive videos, and is also presented as articles written in a conversational style that appeals to students (which improves learning outcomes and maximizes retention). 

Features and Elements


10 Learning Modules -- Video and Text | Find Information | Evaluate Information | Use Information | Tools | Topic Aid | Search Aid | Source Evaluation Aid for Websites, Periodicals, and Books | Citation Generator | Revision Aid | Embed Videos | Self-Check and Review Assessment

Video Overview

View a video discussion and overview of ProQuest Research Companion from its senior developer, Adam Blackwell.

What is ProQuest Research Companion?

Simplifying the Research Process to Make Sense of the Complex

ProQuest Research Companion is an intuitive, and self-guided product that supports information literacy, writing, and research skills instruction occurring in today's libraries and online learning environments. It provides a new foundation and companion to "one-shot" sessions, allowing librarians and instructors to focus on teaching more complex research and writing principles.

Studies have shown that today's researchers are unequivocally overwhelmed with too much information and data—throughout all the stages of the research process. By combining learning modules and quick start evaluator tools into one resource, ProQuest Research Companion helps researchers in their quest to more effectively find, evaluate, and use information.

Developed by writing instructors and librarians, ProQuest Research Companion is comprised of ten Learning Modules and five interactive Tools—all designed to automate the key elements of the research process. The multimedia-based Learning Modules engage researchers to think more critically and creatively about their research, while powerful, interactive Tools help them navigate through the research process more efficiently and more effectively, focusing more time on the research that interests them most. The responsive design means it's adaptable to all devices—laptops, tablets, and smart phones.