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TDM Studio

A text a data mining solution for research, teaching and learning

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Keep your university at the forefront of data analytics with a solution designed for research, teaching and learning.​ From an initial idea to the final output provide students, faculty and researchers access to analyze sought-after content with flexibility analysis methods provided by ProQuest or using your preferred methods.  Users will uncover relationships, patterns, and connections within and between datasets and collaborate live with colleagues. Improving productivity for your entire team.  Discover new insights and challenge previous findings with TDM Studio. 

"One of my greatest research challenges is working with a corpus of millions of news articles, organizing the relevant content and matching it to other data. TDM Studio is helping me find patterns in data in a way that’s consistent, reliable, and in a way that makes sense.” 

-Caleb Rawson, Asst. Prof., University of Arkansas 


Efficiency & Collaboration Sought-After Content Flexible Data Methods Research, Teaching & Learning
Shorten the time to create datasets, provide consistent data schemas, and collaborate in real time with colleagues on a single platform TDM Studio offers a collection of rights-cleared content across disciplines and format types with the ability to upload your own – providing a truly comprehensive dataset Benefit from the flexibility of data analysis methods provided by ProQuest or your preferred methods using open-source programmatic languages like R and Python Enhance research, teaching, and learning outcomes across campus with an easy to use solution designed for use with varied skill levels in research methodologies and approaches

For Libraries 

  • Add value to an institution’s research workflow and output by providing a solution that increases efficiency and productivity
  • Showcase and leverage the value of content in existing collections
  • Create opportunities to partner with research teams and facilitate collaboration across disciplines to increase research effectiveness

For Faculty and Students 

  • Enhance research, teaching and learning outcomes across campus 
  • Designed for use with different skill levels in research methodologies and approaches. 
  • Teach standard methodologies and develop valuable research and data science skills