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TDM Studio

TDM Studio is a text and data mining solution for research, teaching and learning.

Innovation often requires the analysis of thousands – even millions – of documents. That’s an impossible task for any human, and it’s exactly where text and data mining (TDM) comes in.

With TDM Studio, the end-to-end TDM solution from ProQuest, researchers have a new path to innovation. From an initial idea to the final output, TDM Studio leverages the power of a library’s content to help researchers make new connections and uncover career-defining outcomes.
TDM Studio supports two paths to new discoveries. TDM Studio Workbench is designed for experienced researchers who use their own coding methodologies. TDM Studio Visualization is designed for users of all levels to quickly spot trends and generate insights. 

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"One of my greatest research challenges is working with a corpus of millions of news articles, organizing the relevant content and matching it to other data. TDM Studio is helping me find patterns in data in a way that’s consistent, reliable, and in a way that makes sense.” 

-Caleb Rawson, Asst. Prof., University of Arkansas 

TDM Studio Videos


General Information

Provides information on Text and Data mining and how TDM studio fits directly into the existing workflow of researchers - Duration: 4 Minutes

Provides information on the databases and publications included in TDM Studio - Duration: 4 Minutes

Provides information on how to identify & develop search strategies to refine your dataset - Duration: 6 Minutes

An introduction to TDM Studio usage and retrieving usage reports - Duration: 3 Minutes


Provides information on how on how to create & refine a dataset - Duration: 4 Minutes

Provides information on how Jupyter notebooks are used in TDM Studio - Duration: 4 Minutes

Provides information on how to find documentation and samples, identify available programming environment & how to open a terminal in the Notebook - Duration: 5 Minutes

Instructions on how to use a terminal session to view an XML document - Duration: 3 Minutes

Instructions on how to upload local files to your Jupyter Notebook in TDM Studio - Duration: 3 Minutes

An overview of what you can and cannot export from TDM Studio, and export a file from TDM Studio - Duration: 4 Minutes

Instructions for creating and managing datasets with the TDM Studio Workbench Dashboard - Duration: 11 minutes


Learn how to create a project in the visualization dashboard - Duration: 3 Minutes

How to interact with TDM Studio visualizations - Duration: 8 Minutes

Powerpoint Presentations


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