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California K-12

Modifying the Template

If you are using the shared template on your website, you will need to update the code for ProQuest's Schools and Educators Complete in two places. This ensures that both links are updated for your district. 

What changes are required?

  1. Identify your URL. Each district has a unique URL that includes their site ID, following the pattern below. If you do not know your district URL, please email our Customer Support team to request this information 
  2. Edit the Code. If you look at the code, you will see the COMMENTS calling the various ProQuest sections out in ALL CAPS. To find the ProQuest resources section of the code, look for the first comment:


Next,  look closely at the next block of text for the following: 


The text directly following that will read: 

<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">

Replace the URL (highlighted in the example above) with the URL for your district.

Remember - you will need to do this a second time.   You will see the same comment and string of characters again approximately 20 lines below this. Make the same change there. 

Accessing Schools & Educators Complete

Each district is configured to authenticate users by IP range or referring URL. Referring URL may only be used if the URL is placed behind authenticated access, such as in a Learning Management System. If your district is not yet configured to authenticate users via IP or referring URL, please contact Support.

Once access is granted, students should create personal accounts with unique usernames/passwords to access Schools & Educators Complete off-site. Personal accounts have the added benefit of allowing students to download full documents, annotate books, and save to their personal bookshelf. ProQuest has agreed to protect student data by signing the Student Data Privacy Agreement, which has been reviewed by the California Student Privacy Alliance.

Administrators are invited to share the following flyer with their schools: