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California K-12


California K-12 provides detailed information about the seven resources that are available through the K-12 Online Content Project. The description for each resource includes the age range, what the resource contains, and a link to individual LibGuides. 

Students: Access resources here!

The K-12 Coursepack consists of presentations, how-to documents, eLearning modules and scavenger hunts designed to teach subscribers how to describe the content and intended uses of ProQuest's K-12 resources to their audience.

The K-12 Coursepack can be accessed here.

Technical Support

For questions about initial setup, technical support issues, training, product, and/or educator support, or remote access, please navigate to the Technical Support page

Support Team

   Amanda Richio

   Training and Consulting Partner


   John Ward

   Customer Experience Manager


   David Ulrich

   Account Manager