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California K-12


Districts and charter schools that do not have access should register using this link hosted by our friends at TeachingBooks. Following its completion, our team will create your login information and send you a welcome letter.

Once you have enrolled, you can promote all of the resources available through the California K-12 Online Content Project using this HTML template

To learn more about the California K-12 Online Content project, please see the California State Library's information site

Customer and Technical Support

If you are having a technical issue, you can submit a ticket with ProQuest Support by clicking this link.

If you are a site administrator, more information is available on the ProQuest Administrator page.

This is where administrators add and remove IP addresses, run usage statistics, and add/change Access Names and Access Codes.

Training, Product, and Educator Support

If you are looking for training, product, or educator support, please email to connect with one of our Training and Consulting Partners. 

Additional Assistance

If you need help with something else, or if you are unsure where to direct your inquiry:

For K-12: Contact ProQuest K-12 Account Manager David Ulrich at

For Public Libraries: Contact ProQuest Public Library Account Manager Dawn Ledwidge at

Remote Access


When you register for ProQuest access, you will be asked to provide your school or district's IP ranges. This will authenticate users onsite. For off-campus access, you will need to provide students with the Access Name and Access Code provided to you by customer service. Please contact Customer Service if you have registered for access but do not know this information. 

The following URLs prompt students to enter login information, and may be promoted on your website for off-campus use

Please note that Schools & Educators Complete is not listed because users will need to create personal accounts for off-site access. This handout provides more information about accessing Schools & Educators Complete.

Access Note: Your school or district's Access Name and Access Code may be a string of letters and numbers that are difficult to remember. To add an additional Access Name and Access Code, administrators can log into the ProQuest Administrator Module or contact Customer Support to create one for them.