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Academic Video Online

Here are some unique features of Academic Video Online. Go to the Alexander Street Video Platform LibGuide for a complete guide to Alexander Street Video's search and display features, including the translation tool.

Audio-Described Video

Audio-Described Video has added narration to a video that describes on-screen images for the benefit of those with visual impairments. ProQuest has already added audio descriptions to its most popular titles and will continue to add more upon request by a library at no charge. This is available for Academic Video Online and ProQuest One Academic.

Each audio-described video has a separate non audio-described version as well.

To find videos in Academic Video Online with audio descriptions, use the following search phrase:
with audio description

If you have a student who needs an accommodation for a particular assigned video, please notify Product Manager Sarah Brennan. We’ll then have an audio described version of that video created and added to Academic Video Online, at no charge. We strive to complete all requests within 2-3 weeks.

Limited Public Performance Rights

Films available in Academic Video Online include limited public performance rights**, which includes permission for classroom showings, as well as public screenings, as long as no admission is being charged.

**Except for FILM PLATFORM videos

Build by Choice

This is an automatic annual benefit of your Academic Video Online subscription whereby your library can select individual video titles within the collection for perpetual rights ownership at no additional cost. The number of titles your library can select for ownership is based upon your current annual subscription cost. You can access this option through the Alexander Street Admin Portal.

Media Hosting

This is free and exclusive to Academic Video Online subscribing libraries.  Using the service provides a simple way to distribute your institution's content across campus.  Digitize your lecture-captures, performances, football games, faculty experiments, other licensed video content, and more.  Access coincides directly with your Academic Video Online subscription. The uploaded content will be cross-searchable along with all the collections and single titles you have access to on