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Arts Premium Collection

Arts Premium Collection Content

The Arts Premium Collection puts together a wealth of databases covering Fine Arts of all periods, Design, Music and Performing Arts and the Screen Studies Collection. It is a mixture of Bibliographic, Full Text scholarly journals and periodicals and Film Directories which allows a full circle cross-search on archived and current information, primary sources and criticism on all forms of Arts.

The Art Premium Collection is made up of 3 specialized subcollections:

A short description per each collection follows below, and the structure and links to the related libguides is available in a separate box.

What is the Art, Design, & Architecture Collection?

The Art, Design & Architecture Collection is a comprehensive survey of current publications in the fields of visual and applied arts. The Art, Design & Architecture Collection includes ProQuest’s specialist indexes ARTbibliographies Modern (covering modern and contemporary art), Design & Applied Arts Index (for all aspects of design and crafts), and International Bibliography of Art (covering scholarship on western art history), together with a complementary collection of current full-text journals from ProQuest’s Arts & Humanities Database. The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals is an optional add-on.

What is the Music & Performing Arts Collection?

The Music and Performing Arts Collection provides a cost-effective and efficient way for libraries to gain access to specialist databases for scholars and students researching music and the performing arts. Covering disciplines as wide-ranging as Dance, Ballet, Circus Performance, Popular Music, Puppetry, Radio, Stagecraft, Theatre, Classical Music and Opera, the Music and Performing Arts Collection provides a comprehensive range of research material.

What is The Screen Studies Collection?

The Screen Studies Collection offers a comprehensive survey of current publications related to film scholarship alongside detailed and expansive filmographies, from ProQuest.  This collection includes the specialist FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Database and the detailed and complementary filmographies created by the American Film Institute and the British Film Institute: AFI Catalog and Film Index International.