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Alexander Street Multimedia Platform

Alexander Street Multimedia Platform,, is a learning and research platform for audio, text, image, and video collections. In some support articles, you might also see this platform called LAZR.

To see which collections are on the Alexander Street Multimedia Platform, navigate to the Content Page.

Using Alexander Street Multimedia Platform


This session introduces crucial research and learning features for success using the Alexander Street multimedia platform. Duration: 4 minutes 36 seconds

This video shows you how to access search from different places on the platform, how the different places affect which collections you search, and what some of the filter and results options are. Duration: 4 minutes

View the various ways to browse and search Alexander Street Multimedia Platform.

This video demonstrates the features of the new text viewer for Duration: 5 minutes

This video shows instructors how they can add ProQuest and Alexander Street resources directly to courses in Canvas and Moodle without leaving the learning management system. Duration: 26 minutes

This video and PDF show you how to create an audio clip, add tracks to a playlist, hide the metadata for the playlist so it can be used for exams, and share the playlist with students. Duration: 4 minutes, 15 seconds

Setting Up Authentication for Alexander Street Multimedia Platform


Follow the instructions for the Platform.

Use the stanza for "Main interface."

Administrator Resources for Alexander Street Video Platform


Objectives of this session: This e-learning module demonstrates how to locate and download titles lists and MARC records. Duration: 4 minutes

Objectives of this session: This webinar recording describes Admin Portal features, including how to find title lists using My Collections, download MARC records, and access usage statistics. In addition for Academic Video Online subscribers, we briefly cover Media Hosting Service and Build by Choice. Duration: 22 minutes

Usage Statistics

Visit ProQuest's COUNTER 5 LibGuide for information about COUNTER 5 reports.

Objectives of this session: This course walks you through how to gather all of your institution's usage for Alexander Street's Academic Video Online (AVON).

Objectives of this session: During this session, we dig into User Engagement Impact Metrics and COUNTER 5 Reports in the Alexander Street Admin Portal. This includes how to identify the top films watched on your campus, interpret film viewing counts for both types of metrics, and pull together COUNTER metrics to make sure you're seeing the full picture. Duration: 30 minutes