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Trends & Policy

Quick Tips for Trends & Policy

Boolean Searches, Truncation, Wildcards, and Proximity

  • AND - combine terms to narrow your search
  • OR - combine terms to expand your search 
  • NOT - exclude terms from your search
  • Quotes for phrase searching
  • Asterisks for truncation
  • Question marks for single letter wildcards or truncations
  • NEAR/ - find words within a specified number of words of each other (Ex: Healthcare NEAR/5 Education)

Basic Search

  • Search across all documents at once
  • Choose a tab to focus on one type of document

Advanced Search

  • Field search
  • Apply limiters/facets before you search

Statistics and Data Search

  • Search for statistical table
  • Search by keyword
  • Create more targeted search using limiters/facets


  • Browse curated topics
  • Explore using timelines

For more detailed search tips and strategies, check out the Trends & Policy Help Guide.