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Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration: Home

Connecting Immigration Policy to Outcomes


Immigration is the inaugural module for ProQuest’s new Trends & Policy product line. This collection connects policies implemented by the U.S. government with the data-driven results and trends of those policies and provides context with analytical reports and news articles. Presented in a unique interface designed specifically to help researchers make key connections and discoveries, this product includes timelines, topic pages and data tools.

Authoritative Primary Source Content



Legislative Branch content including all Public Laws, Hearings, Bills, Vote reports, Congressional Research reports, Government Accountability Office reports, and more.

Executive Branch reports and statistics. The statistics are presented in xls and csv formats and can be converted into charts directly within the product. Many of the statistics have been extracted from reports and converted directly into statistics.

News articles from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times.

Home Page

Search across all government policy, statistics, news coverage, and topic pages for content relevant to your search.

Topic Page

Topic pages curated and designed to help students begin their research and explore immigration topics.


Meeting User Needs

1.Providing an essential starting point for immigration research.

2.Including the most essential primary source documents on the subject.

3.Curating over 75 topic pages for laws, events, concepts, and countries of origin.

4.Timeline with over 100 entries to provide linear context to events and laws; and to link to topic pages and documents.

5.Providing statistics and data that show the impact of policies.

6.Unlocking statistics from PDF and print documents and allowing users to work with data in a way that has not previously been available.

7.Including newspaper articles that provide context for all events.


Search for Statistics

Allows users to search across all statistics and data and to filter by geography, demographics, and immigrant/visa type.




Allows researchers to view a table in HTML format and to work with this data.



Allow researchers to create line and column charts and to select the data elements they would like to include.