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California K-12: Elementary Schools

Sneak Peeks

Woman watching news on the street in Taiwan

An image from CultureGrams' vast library, depicting a woman watching news on the street in Taiwan. 

Monarch Butterfly Research Topic in SIRS Discoverer

The Monarch Butterfly Research Topic in SIRS Discoverer.


The following resources are ideal for elementary students.  Keep scrolling to access training materials and more!

Additionally, the following resource is great for all educators:


CultureGrams is an engaging, easy-to-use resource that helps kids learn about the world's cultures. Learn more following the links below:

CultureGrams includes excellent resources for educators, including Teaching Activities and Curriculum Standards. Log in to the resource to access the first two documents, or download the following Scavenger Hunts:

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer is a general reference database providing age-appropriate, authoritative, curriculum-aligned content and features for use by students and educators in Elementary and Middle/Intermediate Schools. It is particularly helpful to support the most common assignments in grades 4 -  8Follow the links below to learn more:

Schools & Educators Complete

Schools & Educators Complete includes a variety of ebooks that support educators at all levels-- including elementary educators. Note that there are two ways to access this content: through the Ebook Central platform (using a link provided by your school/district) or through the ProQuest platform. Follow the links below to learn more about this resource: