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Data Products: Books In Print (BIP), Resources for College Libraries (RCL), Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS)

Resources for College Libraries (RCL)™ provides the premier list of core print and electronic resources for academic libraries. Brought to you by ACRL's Choice and ProQuest, Resources for College Libraries (RCL) covers the entire two-year and four-year college curriculum and provides a list of core titles that are essential for undergraduate study.  Resources for College Libraries (RCL) database content is continuously updated by an editorial team of subject editors, bibliographers, and referees. and now features improved functionality and a new improved user-friendly interface.

  • Trustworthy content compiled by subject experts.
  • Time-saving collection analysis and development tool.
  • Enhanced discovery options for students, researchers and librarians.

Evaluate, refine and develop your library collection using Resources for College Libraries (RCL).

E-Learning Videos

This video introduces users to the Resources for College Libraries database and its primary functionality.  Duration 6 minutes 36 seconds.

This video introduces Resources for College Libraries data export and list options.  Duration 5 minutes 18 seconds.

This video session introduces the major administrative options for Resources for College Libraries.  Duration 6 minutes 37 seconds.