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Data Products: Books In Print (BIP), Resources for College Libraries (RCL), Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS)

Books In Print® is the leading bibliographic database for publishers, retailers and libraries around the world.  From the enriched metadata that is supplied by publishers, Books In Print provides a valuable resource for retailers in the process of making smart purchasing decisions.

Books in Print combines the most trusted and authoritative source for bibliographic information with powerful search, discovery and collection development tools designed specifically to streamline the book discovery and acquisition process.  Libraries worldwide consult Books In Print to find titles, create lists, and decide from Books In Print's vast inventory files which vendor, eBook platform, or online retailer to source the title.

Syndetics Unbound is now integrated in Books In Print!  Recommendations from the world of books, combined with the powerful search and discovery of the most trusted and authoritative source of bibliographic information


E-Learning Videos

This e-learning video highlights the Books In Print catalog development tool and shows how to navigate the site.  Duration 5 minutes 18 seconds.

This e-learning video with highlight the Advanced Search and Staff Lists functionalities of the Books In Print catalog development tool.  Duration 6 minutes 28 seconds.

This e-learning video will highlight the Administration section of Books In Print, including Z39.50, Predictable Linking, and Templates.  Duration 7 minutes 45 seconds.