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Digital National Security Archive (DNSA): CIA Covert Operations, Part IV: The Eisenhower Years, 1953-1961

About this collection

CIA Covert Operations, Part IV: The Eisenhower Years, 1953-1961   (forthcoming December 2021)

This collection will focus on a highly active, if checkered, period in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, during which President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized numerous clandestine programs around the world. These include Iran 1953 (the infamous coup whose reverberations are still felt today), Tibet 1956-57, and the Congo beginning in 1960. A highlight will be Eisenhower’s original decision and plans to mount operations against Castro’s Cuba that led to the Bay of Pigs.  The set will thus dovetail neatly with previous DNSA publications covering not only events in Cuba during this timeframe but also in Berlin, Guatemala, and Vietnam.