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Digital National Security Archive (DNSA): Searchable Fields

Look Ups and Browsable Indexes

Digital National Security Archive offers several Look ups or browsable indexes so you can easily find spelling or format variations of, for example, an author's name. You can find the Look up links in the advanced search page and they are available for the following searchable fields: main subject, company/organization, originating sources (origin), person,and classification. 

For a description of these fields, please see the searchable fields table to the right.

Note: Look ups are also available from the Command Line search (through the Look up terms link).

To use and locate a Look up or browsable index, select the field from the advanced search pull-down menu. If a Look up is available, under the search row you will see a link to theLook up. Other Look ups and browsable indexes will be listed in the Limit To section of the advanced search page.

Select the Look up link and then you will see a browsable and alphabetical index for that field. There are some indexes that will not display an alphabetical list before searching for the term, rather you will have to enter a term first, and then the alphabetical list of matches will display.

Once you locate the index term that you would like to add to your search, mark the item, and then click the Add to search button. The index term will now appear in the advanced search form along with the appropriate pull-down menu selection.

Searchable Fields

Search Field Field Code Example/Description
Abstract AB


AB searches for specified keywords in the abstract only.

Accession number AN


AN searches the DNSA Accession and Document numbers and the ProQuest document ID.


Bibliography BIBLIO


BIBLIO(YES) restricts a search to the NSA bibliographies only.

Chronology CHRONO


CHRONO(YES) restricts a search to the NSA chronology documents providing a timeline for each collection.

Classification DNCL

DNCL(Top Secret)

DNCL searches for documents with a specified classification.

Code word DNOP


DNOP searches for records with the specified operation code word.

Company/organization ORG

ORG(Soviet Union)

ORG searches for documents relating to a specific company / organization.

Document title TI


TI searches for keywords in the title of the document.

DNSA collection DNCO

DNCO(Berlin Crisis)

DNCO retrieves documents from a specified DNSA collection.



DNSADOC(YES) restricts a search to the DNSA primary documents only, so excludes the NSA supporting material.

DNSA document type RTYPE

RTYPE(Presidential Directive)

RTYPE searches for documents with the specified DNSA document type.

DNSA record type RECT


RECT searches for documents with the specified DNSA record type (Document, Glossary, Chronology or Bibliography).

Glossary GLOSS


GLOSS(YES) restricts a search to the glossary entries in the NSA supporting material for each collection.

Notes NT

NT(Central Security Service)

NT searches for keywords in the document notes field.

Origin AU


AU searches for documents written by a particular institution / organization.

Person PER


PER searches for documents related to a specific individual.

Recipient RC


RC searches for documents sent to a particular individual / organization.

Subject heading MAINSUBJECT

MAINSUBJECT("Armitage, Richard L")

Use this field when looking for subjects that have been elevated by editors to be a main subject. This will normally reveal fewer results than a SU search (see below).

This field has a Look up for accuracy in selecting a subject or multiple subjects.

Subject heading SU

SU(Foreign intelligence)

SU searches for documents related to a particular subject