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Digital National Security Archive (DNSA): CIA Covert Operations III: From Kennedy to Nixon, 1961-1974

About this Collection

Coming in 2018

CIA Covert Operations III: From Kennedy to Nixon, 1961-1974

The third in the National Security Archive's unparalleled series of primary source compilations on the CIA's clandestine side, curated by Pulitzer-nominated author John Prados, takes the story from the epic disaster of the Bay of Pigs through a series of little-known or under-explored covert activities in Cuba (including the Mongoose operation, which is documented in rich detail), British Guiana, Bolivia, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Iraq (the Kurds) and more. The material spans topics from first-hand reporting on Che Guevara as he uttered his dying words in Bolivia, to the CIA seeking approval for money to bribe African dictator Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic. This set will also provide unprecedented coverage of deliberations of the CIA’s high command, ranging from minutes of the "Special Group" that approved covert operations, to CIA directors' daily staff meetings, to the notes of meetings with presidents Kennedy and Johnson made by CIA Director John McCone.