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ProQuest Ebook Central

Basic Search and the result list

Search for books by entering a keyword, ISBN, author or other terms into the basic search box (eg vegetarianism). Use quotes to find exact phrases (eg "artificial intelligence"). You can Sort results by Relevance, Publication Date, Title, Contributors, Publisher. Use filters to refine your results by Year Published, Subject, Language, Author. Click More to view the complete list of terms and names to choose from.

Advanced Search

In Advanced Search you can search by specific fields e.g Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Subject and more. You can limit your search by Publication Year Range, Language, Download Format (PDF or EPUB), Book Status, Number of copies and Collections (depending on your institution subscriptions).













Book Details Page

After you have completed your search, Ebook Central will take you to the Book Details Page where you can find important information about the book. Book details such as publisher, ISBN, BISAC subject headings and more are found on the right hand side. You can also view the availability of the book in the online library as well as a description of the book before you open it.

Read Online

The button and the link will open the Online Reader, allowing you to enjoy the book in full screen

Download Book

Download the book for online access.  You can use Adobe Digital Editions to read the book offline. Once the download period is up, the book will expire and automatically return to the online library.

Download PDF Chapter 
This link will take you to the Table of Contents


Online Allowances

These online allowances are per book and reset after a 24 hour period. As you copy pages, print or download pages in PDF, your online allowances will count down. Once you reach your limit, you will have to wait 24 hours before the allowances reset.



You can also save your book to your Bookshelf, share a link to the book and get a citation for the book. The citation feature will also allow you to export to RefWorks or Endnote/Citavi














Table of Contents

Scroll through the relevant chapters in the Table of Contents. The pages for each chapter is listed allowing you the option to download the chapter in PDF whilst keeping track of your online allowances. Clicking Read Online will open the Online Reader to that chapter.


Online allowances for Course Reserve eTextbooks

Please note that the online allowances for Course Reserve eTextbooks are not reset after a 24 hours.