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ProQuest Historical Newspapers

ProQuest Historical Newspapers provide fully searchable cover-to-cover access to historical newspaper content. Historical newspaper content is among the most sought-after primary source material in research. There are more than 60 premier stand-alone historical titles dating back to the 1700s and more than 55 million digitized pages. 

For more information about ProQuest Historical Newspapers, navigate to the Content Page.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers reside on the ProQuest Platform. For more information, see the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

Webinar Recordings


In this webinar, you'll learn how to find which newspapers you have access to and understand the difference between page-level and article-level scans. You'll also learn strategies for searching ProQuest Historical Newspapers for genealogical and local history information. Duration: 27 minutes.

Using ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Black Newspaper Collection as a basis, this provides a case study of conducting historical research using newspapers. - Duration: 29 Minutes

Provides information on incorporating ProQuest Historical Newspapers, specifically the New York Times, into the curriculum. Includes searching and navigation tips, as well as ideas for including news into course assignments. - Duration: 26 Minutes