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ProQuest OASIS en français: Glossaire (en anglais)

Glossaire en anglais

Action Arrow - Enables title-by-title actions such as ‘Select’ or ‘Order.’. There is a column visible in most title lists with a green "Action" arrow where a user can hover over the arrow to see the list of options that may be taken on a title.

Administration – OASIS facility to manage library-wide settings and personal user account settings, including user access levels, Marc records, method of ordering, bibliographic display, etc


Administrator – The one person for each account with responsibility for Administration.


All Customer Demand - In the OASIS browse rows, enables users to see totaled actions taken on a title, country by country. Hover over "All Customer Demand" to view information such as overall number of copies sold.


Approval Plan – An arrangement whereby ProQuest provides pertinent books automatically to a library, based upon a mutually agreed upon ‘profile.’ Better known in the UK as ‘Supplier Selection.’ Approval books may be returned by the library, unless we also provide physical processing. Profiles normally generate ‘Slips’ for pertinent titles also, again under profile specifications.


Authorize Orders – Process by which a Ratifier, designated thus in Administration can handle the placement of orders by ProQuest, either in OASIS or via EDI orders from the local system..


BIC codes – Book Industry Communications standard subject codes as used by publishers and booksellers.


Block – An instruction from a user with ‘Approval Block’ authority for ProQuest not to treat a given title on Approval on the library’s behalf (as with gift books.)


BookStream – Historical name for ProQuest approval plan service. Better known as Supplier Selection in the UK. No longer used.


Browse Row – The listing for each title as seen in the upper part of a split screen in search results, Slip Notifications, Lists, etc. In the single-screen view of titles, this becomes the only immediately visible bibliographic display.


Catalogue Check - OASIS supports using a Catalogue Check URL to perform lookups against a specified local catalogue or other resource by doing an ISBN substitution for the $ISBN placeholder. The Title and Author fields can also be searched in openURL-compliant catalogues.


Checklist – Monthly list of titles due on standing order.


Check Status – Warning messages in red letters of possible duplications, and gold-lettered messages for other library actions (such as Lists) displayed in a browse screen, as well as in the bottom tab. They are there to let you know what actions have been taken against the titles.  A full list of Check Status phrases is available here.


Claim – Has several OASIS meanings. 1) Under certain conditions, users may ‘claim’ a firm order or standing order, that is, send ProQuest a query on the status of that order; 2) a ‘Claim on Approval’ is a user action instructing ProQuest to ship a title on the library’s Approval Plan, bypassing profile specifications; ProQuest ‘claims’ to publishers for our own orders on behalf of customers are visible in Order History.


OASIS Communities – See Community Groups.


Community Groups – ‘OASIS Communities’ is the name of an opt-in service enabling OASIS users to create networks of libraries in order to view actions taken on titles by those libraries. Those networks are referred to as ‘Community Groups.’


OASIS Accepts Orders – Stock status indicator displayed in OASIS to show that while a given title may not be held in stock, it is not known to be out-of-print and it can be normally ordered, and supplied if available.


Current Canadian Books (CCB) – A comprehensive listing of new Canadian books and books of Canadian interest treated on Approval Plans by ProQuest, posted monthly in OASIS.


Delete – A Green Action Arrow action (above) available in varying contexts throughout OASIS enabling users to remove titles from Lists. Differs from Reject or Recycle in that no record of the Delete action is kept or displayed. 


Detailed Search – Facility within Order Status to search for information on orders in a more filtered way. See also Lookup Search


Digital Reprint Publisher – A publisher whose sole business is the large-scale digitization of out-of-copyright books. OASIS users have the option of suppressing these titles from search results.


Downloadable eBooks – Titles that a publisher is willing to permit to be transferred by MyiLibrary users with certain restrictions to a PC, lap-top or portable device for offline viewing.


Eligibility – Feature enabling an OASIS Administrator to set up the mapping of funds, locations and Loan Types on a ‘per user’ basis.


eMails – Through the ‘eMails’ menu, users may send and receive email messages to other users at that same library. Distinct from ‘Forwards,’ which are title records sent to the ‘Inbox’ of other users within the library.   


Excel download – Feature providing the ability for a user to download a list of title records to a tailored  Excel spreadsheet.  


Feedback – Feature accessible in the OASIS Menu which provides a facility to submit a form to ProQuest detailing any queries or problem reports in relation to OASIS. (Not for use with order or account queries).


Fill All – Facility to add all or any of Purchase Order No., Fund, Location or Loan Type to a complete booklist at once when preparing an order or a group of selections.


Filters – Filtering enables a user to take a large set of titles and narrow them down. A wide range of filters such as Publisher, Title Keyword, Fund, etc. that can be used in combination are available.


Forwarding – The ability to send a database or Slip Notification record on to a colleague, either within OASIS or for colleagues external to the library, as an e-mail,for consideration.


4 + 4 – A search method whereby the first 4 characters of each of Author and Title in the search box.


Help Portal – Comprehensive facility within OASIS accessible from the Menu or Help link at the top of the screen that provides detailed help with any questions that users may have in respect of working with OASIS.


Home Page – Accessible by clicking on the OASIS logo top left of the screen. Contains information on your access levels and includes a ‘Preferences’ section that enables a user to select the ‘landing’ page that appears when you log in.


iApprove – The overall service name for Bookstream and Slipstream, ProQuest unique Approval plan and new title notification services. (This word is no longer in common use within OASIS)


iFound - OASIS customized out-of-print service.


Inbox – Forwarded titles from library colleagues are usually received under this menu option.


In Stock – Indicates that ProQuest has either our own physical and available stock of a title, or that a Lightning Source copy can be printed on demand at any time in response to an order.  One of a number of stock status indicators used in OASIS..


Interdisciplinary Subjects – Subject descriptors assigned by ProQuest selectors to denote books pertinent to fields such as Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies, and other areas which often cross boundaries of more traditional fields.


List Maintenance – ‘Manage Account’ tab enabling users to manage their lists, slip notifications and forwarding targets..


Lists & Groups – The menu where users can manage the lists and ‘Community Groups’ they create.


Lookup Search – Facility within Order Status to make a quick and simple search.


Manage Account – Feature that allows users to set display and other preferences for their personal account, as opposed to Manage Group, (see below) where Administrators manage library-wide settings.


Manage Group - Feature that allows an administrator to set a range of display and other preferences for all users.


Management Reports - Library expenditure and other data presented in Excel files that may be extracted from OASIS as ‘management reports’ under a range of parameters, including the ability to select Approval, Standing Order, Firm or All order types and flexible date parameter selection. Generated reports are produced automatically and will be e-mailed promptly to the designated user.


MARC download – Facility to download MARC records from OASIS into a library system or local PC file as required.


MarcStream – The original name in OASIS for Patron Selection records was MARCStream (use now phased out).


Mark All - The "Mark All" button allows a user to take bulk actions against all of the titles on a List being viewed.  .


MyiLibrary - MyiLibrary is ProQuest’s ebook platform. All MyiLibrary titles are available for purchase on OASIS.


MyiLibrary License – As with any ebook platform, libraries need to agree to certain standard terms and conditions in order to use the MyiLibrary platform.


New Title Notifications – Sometimes referred to as ‘Slips,’ these are customized announcements of forthcoming or recently published titles likely to be of interest to a user. These notifications are generated by a ‘profile.’


Non-Subject parameters –  Components of a ‘profile’ that include Country of origin, language, binding type, readership levels, and other descriptors applied by our selectors to new titles.


OASIS Change Log – A listing of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


On hold for alternate editions – Menu option where users can review and take action on titles generated by their profile that are waiting for the publication of a preferred edition, e.g., a cloth title waiting for its corresponding ebook.


OpenURL – A standardized format of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) enabling users of one Internet resource to directly access another. For OPACs and other library resources that are OpenURL-compliant, OASIS can perform title, author, and ISBN searches with this protocol.  For syntax examples go to:


Order Info - The OASIS facility for adding local data such as fund/budget, location, or loan type to selections and orders. 


Order Status – OASIS facility displaying current position of any order from placement to fulfillment.


Patron Selection Records – Under the New Titles menu, OASIS displays a list of titles provided to a library as MARC records for uploading into the library’s catalog for viewing and selection by library patrons.


Print pre-publication match – A New Titles menu option whereby all new titles that enter our Approval/Slip profiling process are matched with rudimentary pre-publication metadata against library profiles. Users if they wish can take action on these pre-publication titles.


Process List – A button that activates batch processes on lists of titles, under prior title-by-title actions marked by a user.


Profile – Detailed specifications by subject, publisher, and other categories for an Approval Plan or a Slip Plan which guide us in which new titles will be of enough interest to a library to merit automatic supply or automatic notification.


Quick Search - A 'Quick Search' box is located in the upper right corner of most OASIS screens.  This search box provides a quick option for basic author, title, keyword, and ISBN(s)/ISSN searches.  It can also be used to search order information (such as invoices, OASIS Control Numbers, and PO numbers).


Ratifier – Person at the library authorized within OASIS to place orders or to download titles for ordering via EDI from the local system.


Recycle and Recycling Box – List accessible via the Menu where any titles ‘Rejected’ or ‘Recycled’ from lists within OASIS are consigned and remain for a predetermined length of time, and so recording a negative selection decision. ‘Recycled’ titles differ from ‘Deleted’ titles in that the negative action is not recorded for Deletions.


Reject – See Recycle


Request Recipient – Person designated by the library to receive ‘Requests’ from individual outside selectors who have been set up as ‘Requestors.’


Review Shelf – The OASIS Review Shelf is a collective term for two New Title menu options, Review Approval Books and On Hold for Alternate Editions, both of which enable users to ‘review’ and take action on Approval Plan titles.


Rush Orders – Urgent order handling service.


Routing – Facility to send particular new title notifications to specific users.


Saved List – Users can place search results on a list that is saved for later use.


Search All Titles – Search form that enables a user to search the title database using a wide range of parameters. Accessible from Menu. (See also  Advanced Search and Simple Search.)


See inside the book – the blue "See inside the book" link may be clicked in order to view the contents of any eBook available from MyiLibrary. The link is present in the browse row of MiL titles and the associated paper copies


Selector – Person responsible for the selection of books for the purpose of placing orders. A selector’s selections are often passed to a Ratifier for creation of orders.


Selector Signature – Shortened form of the name of the user who is responsible for the creation of a given selection or order, appearing in the browse row.


Series Block List – A list of series that will not be sent on a library’s approval plan and/or your slips plan, based on a list provided by the library.


Shopping Cart – List where a user can accumulate titles before selecting or ordering them, accessible from the main menu.  


Single screen – User option to display search results and other browse screens as a single page rather than in a split screen.


Slip Notification – Electronic delivery of information about new titles, matched to a user’s needs by a profile.


Slipstream – Name for New Title Notifications or Slip Notifications, no longer used.


Solution – A name, being phased out, for standing orders.


Split screen – Default way in which title search results and other browse list displays may be viewedconsisting of a abbreviated record at the top of a screen known as the Browse Row, and a complete record at the bottom known as Title Details.


Subject parameters – The part of an Approval or Slip profile based on the Library of Congress, Dewey, or National Library of Medicine classification system.


Title Details – Bottom part of the screen in a split-screen view of titles, providing all bibliographic elements.


What’s New (in OASIS) – Information displayed to a user at login updating latest changes to OASIS.