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ProQuest OASIS

OASIS to Alma & Alma to OASIS APIs


To streamline librarians’ workflow, we have developed deeper connectivity between ProQuest OASIS and Ex Libris Alma with two options for integration. 

The Real-Time Acquisitions API and Check Availability & Pricing API are both are designed to improve efficiency by eliminating manual work between OASIS and Alma. Libraries choose the API(s) which best support their workflow.  They can be used in tandem or individually.

Real-Time Acquisitions API


What does this API do?
The Real-Time Acquisitions (RTA) API pushes orders placed in OASIS in simultaneously to Alma.
Who it helps?
Librarians who work within OASIS and want orders they place automatically updated in Alma.

How do I set it up?

  1. Generate your own API key using your Developer Network account. If you want to use this in your Alma sandbox system, then an additional API key needs to be generated.
  2. Email ProQuest when you have your API key:
  3. The ProQuest Configuration Team will:  
  • Discuss workflow
  • Do system setup
  • Monitor first order or testing in sandbox
  • If a you are doing setup in production, allow 2-3 days for configuration to be put into place.

Set up time varies but averages around one week.

Check Availability & Pricing API


What does this API do?
The Check Availability & Pricing API lets Alma users search print titles and check pricing on OASIS then order without leaving Alma.
Who it helps?
Librarians who do most of their work within Alma or want the capability to search for print titles on OASIS while in Alma

How do I set it up?

  1. Request an API key from OASIS Customer service
    1. For North America and ANZ accounts:
    2. For United Kingdom and European accounts:
  2. Complete the remaining steps in Alma using the document below.