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U.K. Parliamentary Papers

Advanced Search page  

advanced search page with petitions selected


Use the Advanced Search form to search within Public Petitions.


Note that on the search form, you have an option to use the pulldowns to search using all fields including full text, all fields except full text, author/chair, title, or subject.


Working with Results  

Above the search box, at the top of the page is the link to allow users to modify the search (users are returned to the search page with any information used for the search included there), a checkbox below the search box allows users to search within results (full text will be searched)  to narrow results.


At the top of the list is the option to change the order in which results are displayed.  Users can choose relevance, oldest to newest,or newest to oldest.


In order to see all the filters which are relevant to Petitions, we need to click on the Petitions tab. From the result list, users can filter using the options in the left column, including petition topic, Geographic Region/City, Number of Signatures, Named Signature, Signatory Demographic, Lobbying Organization, Sponsoring Member of Parliament, Sponsor Party Affiliation, Sponsor Education or Sponsor Religion.


This is the Full Text view of the document.

From the document view page, in the upper right, users can download the PDF, email a link to the document, print the citation information. The Save option allows the users to save the document in a My Research account, as well as providing the options to get a permalink or export the references to a citation management tool such as RefWorks, EndNote etc.

Here is the Details view of the document, which shows the indexing.